Thursday, March 19, 2015

Makeup Haul from across the pond (UK)

Makeup enthusiast, lovers and artists already know the up and coming products from the United states, be it high end or drugstore.  But what about venturing out  and buying makeup products from another country?

I bought makeup from two websites that cater towards makeup lovers from the United Kingdom. Life & Looks and Makeup Revolution.

I tried to get a variety of items but if I am spending my own money I might as well get stuff that I want to get.  Which can be pretty much summed up to, eyeshadow palettes and foundations.

This post is just a haul.  I will try to post reviews on the products and my experiences with these websites at a later time

Products From Life & Looks

X-Ceptional Wear Foundation (16 Golden)
Light and smooth to apply. Gives a natural coverage and feels very even and flexible without drying out or leaving the skin feeling ”encapsulated”.
USD -$10.11
GBP - £7.10
Camera Clear Tinted Foundation (Blend of Beige)

World famous Leichner Foundation is a professional foundation used by Photographic studios, television, theater and professional make-up artists worldwide. It provides the perfect base for applying cosmetics.
USD -$5.68
GBP - £4.00
Provocalips (Kiss Fatal & Kiss Me You Fool)
and Apocalips (Celestrial & Stellar)
I know you are probably asking,  "But AngelPacific, you can get that in the US?"  Yes but you also know when these products came out all the popular colors were already picked through.  This was my chance to get the colors i wanted.  the prices were a lot more but at least I got the colors i wanted.  I should have just waited a little longer.
Products From Makeup Revolution

Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette FLAWLESS MATTE
USD -$11.80
GBP - £8.00
Salvation Palette Colour Chaos
USD -$8.85
GBP - £6.00
Full Pure Black Heart Eyeshadow Collection
USD -$7.37
GBP - £5.00

Atomic Lipstick (Make It Right) & Lip Power (Its My Life)
USD -$1.47 -  USD -$4.42
GBP - £1.00 - GBP - £3.00
The ONE Foundation (in Shade 5)
USD -$5.68
GBP - £4.00
So if you are like me and marches to the beat of a different drum, I encourage to get out of you comfort zone and take a chance with products from another country.  These products are not readily available so I think I have a secret weapon  or it make me feel a bit more special that I have something that no one else has.

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