Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 Golden Globes and Grammys Makeup

Who watched the Golden Globes this year?. . . Yea I didn't either.  Catch the Grammys?  No I didn't but I watched the news the next day.  Because lets face it,  it is all about the RED Carpet!  I watched the red carpet and I only look at the hair and makeup.  I can care less about the outfit because one dress is the equivalent to a year's paycheck for me.  Atleast with hair and makeup I can try to recreate the looks.
This year's Golden Globes the faces were very dramatic weren't they?  Hearing and reading the comments from the experts they seemed to bash the people who tried to go for natural and subtle.  Whomp Whomp!  Below are beautiful examples of bold eyeliner with nude lips.  Awe I love it.  Pictures Left to right, Julia Roberts, Zosia Mamet and Emma Roberts. 
I just love Sandra Bullock.  Ever since I watched "While you Were Sleeping" I have been hooked on her look especially since she is a brunette like me.  I always love her looks and I always mean to investigate further on who styles her.
Dory Larabee from Hollywood Life wrote a great post on Mila Kunis' makeup specifically even down to what was used on her and how to acheive her awesome look. 
I can't afford Giorgio Armani but i did try to recreate it with the makeup products that I already have, but that was an epic FAIL.  I looked at other pictures at other angles and I needed alot more color and makeup.

Thank gawd for being human.  It is when stars make mistakes that make me remember that they are human too. Awe Look at Girls star Lena Dunham.  Her teeth practically matches her dress, but I guess she wanted to glam it up a bit by adding lipstick and missing terribly.  Ewww.

For the 2014 Grammys,  these looks don't necessarily have to be traditional compared to the Golden Globe  hollywood glam.  Thank Gawd,  these siren stars sported metalics and smokey eyes. that makes all of us, including me to copy their looks.
I had to copy Taylor swift blue and silver makeup.

I used NYC Sparkle Eye Dust in Diamond Dust on the outside and under my eyes.  I thought Diamond dust was going to be lighter and glittery but it was dark and muddy.  Yet the color worked to darken the outer corner.  I used Wet N Wild Mega Liner liquid Eyeliner in 862A (indigo Blue) and drew a winged out liner. 

I also darked it with a black eyeliner below the blue. to make my eyelashes look fuller. Now the silver! The actual think that made the look. I couldn't think of where I had pure silver color. no pigments, no singles I had to bust out the palettes. My loyal brand TheBalm! BalmJovi Palette offers a color called Metal-ica. This was the perfect silver I needed for the finishing touches to this look, where you can tell was put in the inner corners of the eye for major sparkle. 

 Zendaya Coleman rocked this warm smokey eye.  If I was a size zero and slicked back my hair I would look as rockin as her.
Arg! i wish I has skin like Anna Kendrick and Kacey Musgraves.  See it's all about flawless glowing skin and I am still trying to get the red out of mine.  Good Luck Blogreaties.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Evil person inside fueling this blog

Okay so this blog thing,  it's alot of work!  Believe me I would love to spend all day playing with makeup and writing about my discoveries.  But do I really need a nitch?  A "nitch"  that thing that sets me apart from everyone elses blog.  I don't have terrible skin and struggle to feel beautiful on the outside like turned model Cassandra Bankson.  My outlook is quite not so positive with sunshine and unicorns like Michelle Phan.  Yet I am not a bad ass rocka billy chick with great tats like Kat von D.

I am a very very average girl.  You know what,  if you think about it, we average people have to deal with a silent struggle,  the internal struggle with ourselves to tip the balance of life's path.  Is a life with no struggle and constant happiness better than that of a life with struggles that finds clarity in dealing with the struggles?  My mind is blah at the end of the day thanks to all the thoughts that run through my head.

Getting chewed out by customers, having a boss with no back bone that will back down and give these rude customer anything they want if they cry loud enough.  It will get to you.  I suppress evil thoughts and made up curses each day that passes where I stay quiet in my corner.  If I don't say anything out loud does that make me a bad person.  It kind of reminds me of the philosophy "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" 

I feel better if I know that someone has the same thoughts I do.  I feel guilty that I coaxed it out of them as if I corrupted them in some way.  Its the perks of an ordinary day.  I think that is why we have gossip and why Facebook is so popular.  The average person is just trying to shake some thing up from the monotony. 

I think thats why I have this blog.  My life is just so "eh".  Loving husband but it can't be passionate 24/7.  How can I shake things up that is my own.  Makeup.  Makeup for me is art, health and science wrapped all together.  I am facinated that there are so many options that you can change in a moments notice.  You can't do that with hair.  I can change the color of my face make it look round or slim, make my lips pink, red or purple with a simple swipe of my wrist. 

Makeup is magic.  Who doesn't love magic?

Monday, January 27, 2014


Briefly writing on my experience was nice but i know what all makeup lovers want MAKEUP!  "What did you get?"  I just calmly said, "surprisingly not much."  I went to IMATS with a list that I was going to follow and I did. I only picked up a few items that strayed from my list.  But here is my haul!

Nigel's Beauty Emporium - Read my experience in my previous post.  Attitude aside,  this place was where I planned to get most of my stuff. and dropped at least a hundred and there was suppose to be discounts but they quoted me regular price. WTF Nigel's Beauty Emporium,  I will find other places to spent my mony. So for the next two pics you will see I spent 140 bucks. :( I got two Le Maq Pro Fard Creme Palettes.  These are waxed based creams to blend beautifully  on skin for television and film.  I got a flesh toned and basic color palette who's slim design is suppose to be travel friendly.
I love Kevyn Aucoin -  Especially their Sensual Skin Enhancer.  Experts use ut as a concealor or sheer it out for a full coverage foundation.  This stuff is oil based which is moisturizing but melts off on oily t-zones.

Bad ass Stensils - I got these at a discount for 4 bucks.  Who wouldn't want leopard spots air brushed on their body.

Velor Mink Lashes  - I got these for 20 bucks each usual retail price is 30 - 50 dollars so I got a deal there.  Wow so that what the good stuff feel like!
 Face atelier -  Okay so this place had their regular makeup that we have all seen.  Of course their's is suppose to be the best blah blah.  But I picked up an item that you normal don't see. Transformiong gel.  This stuff enhances the color of your pigments and eyeshadows.  You know I love products that has multiple uses.  I can use this stuff to set my brows, use it as a eyeliner and make my dull eyeshadows pop.  Though the sales girl was rude as hell she did offer an interesting product.  Oh mention too,  regularly it retails at $26 dollars on the website but they quoted me 20 and slapped on a more than 9% sales tax making it 22 dollars with some change.  :(

Red Cherry Lashes #43 - I got this at an obscure table that I don't recall the name I got these for 20 dollars for the bulk.
Dose of Colors - This table was crowded i didn't know if the Anastasia line was also meshed in.  But I follow #doseofcolors on instagram and I was always fascinated by the color payout of thei lip products.  I went bold and picked up their purple fusion lip gloss that technically doesn't look so bad with flash photography.  I saw I picked and paid,  the process was fast.  So fast my friend Annette didn't even open the stabursts and jolly ranchers they had on the table.  I picked up these two products for 25.
Cinema Secrets - I have always loved Cinema Secrets.  Their Ultra Creme Foundations offer a long line of different color ranges.  Their foundation fills in my pores and blanks out my canvas face and still look natual and can be made long lasting with setting powder.  Love Love Love.  Also this is the ONLY foundation that matches my skin tone perfectly without have to darken or lighten with highlight or bronzer.  So my goal was get the bigger version of my color CS 603-21.  i got it for 20 bucks ( no tax charged here) :)
Skindinavia -  This was an impulse buy.  I didn't like that smaller unknown vendors were smashed into larger vendors.  My money and attention was was divided, sometimes between three people.  I picked this up at the Alcone Table.  I never had a skindinavia product though I know that they are the ones who do the popular Urban Decay setting spray.  I wish I had to chance to ask,  but the woman was in sales mode so she kept spraying and showing me bottles.  If I picked up the big bottle she threw in a sample size of their newest mattifying primer spray. ( Set to come out in FULL Size this year) Free products will get me every time.

Chella  -  Awe I did't feel bad.  No one was at their table everyone wanted to actually wait hours to go to the Anastasia table.  But in my previous post I said that they are simple and that is what I liked.  I knew that they were there as a late add to IMATS and I hopefully made them feel better that I told them that I like them better than Anatasia.  So I just picked up a light brown pencil and clear gel.  Each retails for 18 dollars each.  But together that give it to me for 20.
So Blogreaties that is my haul.  Doing this haul actually made me go through what was bought and how much I spent which was a ballpark  total figure of 286 dollars!  It turns out that Nigels didn't give a discount like I hoped to, and some charged sale tax.  I guess I was too nice and naive to make a scene to get the discounts that were advertised.  IMATS was so big I guess I didn't realize the amount of money that I was passing.  I don't mean that I straight gave the wrong amount that was asked of me, but that I wasn't thinking that hey I am getting so some much did you really think of the price of each item to see if its at discount?
  For those that are going to the other ones, BE AWARE!  Just like a responsible spender,  check your receipt.  Take the time and ignore the vendors and people waiting in line to go over the products you are purchasing.  It really is good customer service.
Thanks to many good vendors I will now look into their products and probably become frequent buyer, like Dose of Colors, Chella and bad ass Stencils. Yet to the bad, I know that my small little blog and pocket book it not even a drop in the bucket to the kind of sale you all do but I will definitely look into better alternatives. Thumbs down to Nigel's Beauty Emporium and Face Atelier.
 Imats was a great day that I encourage every makeup lover to experience.  I don't feel as bad because being screwed was an experience in itself.  It is not often where I will be in a physical place that offers many different brands that cannot be readily found at store.  But there is always next time.  Maybe now i might look into other,  maybe smaller shows that will help get my feet wet.  Annette (one of my Imat entourage friends) told me that there was a international salon and spa expo in Long Beach.
So keep reading blogreaties,  I should really do individual reviews on the products and give you my straight opinion.   I haven't been able to play with my makeup as much as I wanted to.  Maria and I got sick right after IMATS  and myself, Maria and Annette started work from the winter break that next Tuesday, It took alot out of me to test stuff and post.  But it's 2014 and will keep the momentum  going wish me luck.  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Back From IMATS LA

Holy freakin "A" is all I can say about my experience at IMATS!  It was awesome!!!  No regrets whatsoever. I am so glad that I came prepared. 

 It was so hard to go to sleep the night before.  I had to go to dinner with the inlaws.  As you can see I put HAD TO which at this point was so pointless to be there I could have been catching up on sleep. If I knew that I was going to be up for almost 24 hours straight the next day I would have convince my husband to stay home,

I did wake up at 1:45 in the morning to prepare my day.  It was 15 minutes before the alarm went off.  But I wasn't going to go back to sleep.  Maria and Annette picked me up at 3:30 and we were off to IMATS.  We arrived there t 5:45am and drove past the venue to see if there was a line.  At that time there wasn't.  So we ended up getting something to eat at the nearby IHOPS.  More people started trickling in and we can tell that they were all here for IMATS.  Only by the amount of makeup they had on and the fact that they were dressed to the "nines".  Once we saw that we though we would make out way to the convention center.

Boy were we right.  It was before 6:30am when we back to the convention center and a line had already formed.  The line was already around the bhjkuinboYg.  ( Damn I though we bnbmnb were early too)  But everybody was in great spirits and we allso created a bit of camaraderie against the woman line usher who actually thought that we would stand for two hours in a single file line. (oh you should have heard our sarcastic comments then)
While waiting in line it felt like I was waiting for a roller coaster.  But thinking back now the whole experience was a roller coaster.  We were so jazzed when the line started moving.  The IMATS front counter took the whole line that was separeted between regualar and pro.  Honestly initially beween a pro not pro didn't really make that musch of a difference.  There was only one pro card carrying lady waiting with us and for the day I noticed that she was only little  ahead of the line at booths compared to the non pros.

Dont worry i did behave really the ones that rubbed/me the wrong way were some of the vendors.  My top 3 "F" You's go to the Nigel's Beauty Emporium, Face Atelier and Ardell Lashes.  Their attitude were too high and mighty for being glorified warehouse workers.  If you weren't a pro or you made them move or think you got their bitch face along with attitude.
Nigel's Beauty Emporium is online for a reason besides the great selection of both drugstore and high end brands i surpassed the cheapy grab and go dollar item table and came with a list of high end professional makeup that I was told was going to be at discount.  the intial counter man was very nice very lost but nice.  My list seemed to intimate him (not my fault) but the next series of event lead me to the conclusion that these mother F - ers were dumbasses..  My big order remained behind the register untouched for five customers ahead of me forcing me to say "Excuse me, can you ring up my order"  Imagine the rolling of the eyes from at least 3 people behind the counter.
  My friend Annette was happy to find that chinese glaze had a sale of 8 bottles for 20 dollars at the Ardell table.  Once again rolling of the eyes when she asked for boxes.  Shit do your job.
Face atelier all I can say to them is "Bitch do your research"  I did and Ineeded an answer.  Face Atelier and Makeup Atelier is there a difference?  The chick at the counter had no idea what I was talking about.  Yes I know whatyou are thinking  "I have never heard of it either?"    Blogreaties look up Wayne Goss on YouTube.  He swears by that brand.  I have a sample a sample of their waterproof gel foundation and that stuffis awesome.  I will post on that later .  But Makeup Atelier is a very high end brand makeup that is sold in France.  So I would assume someone working in a company called Face atelier would have atleast heard of Face Atelier.

Planning was a must!  My friends and I scattered as soon as we hit the room.  Good thing we did I stopped at all the table to buy the items on my list.  I was done within the first half hour.  After that I strolled around looking for my friends and anything that sprked my interest.  I did see some cool things but sadly the pushing sales pitch of some vendors wasa major turn off from a sale by me.
  I talked about the bad but lets end with the good.  There were some great table though.  Chella,  a small online brand that I was introduced by my ipsy bag.  The line for anastasia was so long it ran right in front of Chella.  Chella specializes in brows too.  But I think I think their stuff because their products are simple and straight to the point.  That I dont necessarily need a whole kit for my brows.  They were very nice.

I met people there I got to take a pic with famous special effects makeup artist Frank Ippolito.  He was a contestant on SyFy's Face Off.  Finally after this one moment I was done with IMATS my mission was done.  I got to run into my #1 Beauty Guru.  Emily Eddington,  also known as EmilyNoel83/Beauty Broadcast.  Thank gawd she brought her husband because I wouldn't have seen her.  He's 6',6" and stuck out like a sore thumb!  Man did I act like such a fan girl "Oh my gosh I love you.  I watch all your videos!"
So I dunno if I will go year after year I loved going and I loved shopping but with my online skills and small pocket book I think I could stay home.  But If I was a little more professioinal and If this turns out to be something I will go back as a makeup professional.  Stay tuned for my haul.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

IMATS 2014 Final Pre-Event Update

Two more days to go.  I am waking up 2 in the mornig to get ready to be picked up at 3:30 for us to drive to Pasadena to wait in line for doors to open up at 8:30am. 

I downloaded the IMATS 2014 app on my android and put all my notes there and marked all of the tables that I need to stop by.  It has a cool feature where it can tell you deals going on around you once you set your current location at IMATS. Of course the app is also available on the IPhone.

My purse is packed with the appropriates.  I am still debating whether I should actually pack a small makeup bag to do my face in the car on the way up there or just touch up products.  I think it all depends on how I feel when I wake up.  Personally it will probably be best to just bring my touch up products, because my bag will already have alot of other things.
  • Network Business Cards  - I am completely new to this business. Yet I want to broaden my circle of makeup enthusiasts.  I designed a simple business card with my name and social media names, so companies and other people in the industry can look me up.
  • Solar Charger - I know  it may be a bit much, but with the IMATS app, taking pics and the uploading to facebook, instagram,  and blog, not to mention the regular cell phone functions (texting & phone calls) it will zap my battery dry.  I would recommend this to anyone constantly on the go.  This charger can be charged by a usb adapter for future use and or charged by the sun.  I got mine from Amazon.
  • Makeup wipes
  • Cell phone
  • Wallet
  • Snack Bars
  • Water bottle
  • camera
  • Touch up makeup -  I always tend to over pack but I kick myself if I need something and I don't have it.   So my touch up products list will vary.  I hoping for just lipstick, blotting sheets and my clinique compact.
My wish list
  I am going through every vendor to check out what each offer.  Check places like instagram and Facebook because some vendors have posted their discounts or their discounts may only be applied if you are friends on facebook or follow on instagram.  Like and be friends with your favorite brands NOW!   If you read my first post on IMATS my reasoning is to get products that I can't readily get online, get products that offer a real good discount.  ( I am talking BIG discount at least 40+% off) and get products that my computer monitor can't quite get a accurate color on, like foundation.

- Zuca has a 50% off sale on their artist backpack.
- Becca Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation ( noisette and/ or tan)
- Kevyn Aucoin 40% off their products ( I want to pick up more sensual skin foundation)
- Color Palette. -  Any brand (But at an outrageous price)   The color palette I am looking for contains the basic primary colors in a cream consistency that should be very versatile to use as makeup or mix with other products to change the color.
- Velore Lashes -  These lashes supposedly can last six months and are made of mink making it very soft and natural.
- General Supplies - Spatulas, mixing palettes etc.

Surprisingly not bad if I should say so myself.  Yet either way I am still dropping some mad cash more than the average consumer for makeup products.  I doubt I will see any drug store brands here. 

Blogreaties,  come up to me to say hello!  I am very shy but will definitely come out of my shell for makeup!  So If you don't quite reconize me just shout out "AngelPacific!"  and i will respond!  But wish myself , Annette and Maria luck!  We are going to be tired but I will make sure to be dedicated to post my day and products sunday or monday!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Spring 2014 Trends

Blogreaties,  it's the New Year and I have already stopped thinking of resolutions that i probably would have not worked on anyway.  But hey,  here is to atleast having positive thoughts that are slowly becoming cynical as each day passes. 

Anywho,  new season, means new looks!  So i am going through pages and pages of websites and blogs to get a good general idea on what is actually wearable by the general public.

My forecast for Spring 2014 are bright and natural.  It maybe the popularity of HBO Game of Thrones or CW Reign but princess, ethereal back to nature seems to be the look to create.

For hair,  I am seeing hair away from the face.  Hair is soft, slicked back against the face or in a ponytail, bun or braid.  For the long hair, waves are still in season.  For the short hair,  I found choppy, fringe bobs.



Thank goodness I didn't see anything too extreme in makeup looks.  For someone like me who is still learning I don't need to gravitate to youtube to watch how to videos. 

Eyeshadow - Simple application with a single bright color is what I see.  Blue, green, bright pink and pastels are the colors of spring for the season.  Yes I count Sephora/Pantone Universe color of the year "Radiant Orchid" as bright pink or magenta.

Lips - The color scheme is berry, nude and for some reason ORANGE. I am comfortable with the berry and nude but orange?  It was already hard enough to find a red shade that flatters me.  I assume that I have to find the right orange.  Sheesh! For the look you see I actually went a little McGyver and mixed my yellow and red eyeshadow, applied it on my lips and applied lip gloss to set.  Just an idea if you want to experiment without buying.


Skin - Flawless, Dewy and Bright.  Blush is subtle to make it look glowy and flushed. Man I need to get a handle of my skin for this.  Good luck on this part blogreaties.  My current favorites to achieve this look is Urban Decay Naked Skin (High End) and L'Oreal Lumi Foundation ( Drugstore)

Liner  (See Example below)- Cat eye Liner is still big (Thank gawd,  I haven't perfected that yet) Inky liner is a thing for the Spring.  Use a kohl liner and line top and bottom, then smudge it,  yes it looks like you slept with liner still on!  (thats the look)  Finally drawn line shaped eyeliner it's cleopatra being more creative.
So I put everything together and created these looks.  i wish you luck and send me your looks on instagram @angelpacific #Spring2014Trends  #Spring2014eyes


Friday, January 10, 2014

Sephora No Longer carrys LORAC

 A sad thing to hear on the grapevine, when makeup is either discontinued or no longer offered.   I love any gossip like anyone, but this one is true, Sephora will no longer carry the LORAC brand.  The past few years I was only able to find Lorac at the JC Penny Sephora stores and even that offered very little.  Lorac joins other high end brands  like TheBalm and Cargo that were also cut from the Sephora lineup in previous years.

So I freaked out!  In my perfect palette tag on a previous post,  I bragged that Lorac was the winner in having the most palettes from the line.  Lorac eyshadows are soft and very pigmented.  I have never regretted any of my purchases having at least five palettes from the line.

yet I bring good news my blogreaties,  Lorac along with the other disgarded brands mentioned will now be sold at KOHLS.  Kohls,  is an american department store that pop up in California in the late ninties, early 2000's.  I have always looked at their beauty counter (tiny section!) but never made any purchases. I don't see anything at the stores by my home, yet.  I am hoping that they will renovate and improve their Beauty space.

Though it may not be in the physical stores I am glad that they offer it online.  The prices are not the discount ones you may find on some websites like Hautelook,  but for me I feel more at peace knowing that it is offered somewhere. 

I will go check with Sephora to what brand will replace Lorac.  Also I might investigate further on what other brands might be on the chopping block.  You might still see Lorac products at your local sephora but marked down to clearance.  So I recommend to scoop up as much as possible especially at the discount price while you still can.  Once Sephora is out of stock they are out!  Check it out!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

IMATS 2014 Update

Less then 9 days to go before IMATS!  I hate that I can't focas on it as much as I hoped to. (stupid work, grr!)  But I have been on many blog and forums to get some very helpful tips to make my experience a memorable one.

What do i wear? -  Tip - Do not wear white or even light colors,  it will be stained.  Totally makes sense.  I hear IMATS is crowded especially aroung the makeup tables.  Who knows who is going to be the clumsy one.   That new MAC color may look great on your lips but not on your cute white jeans.  (Shout out to my friend Maria sporting MAC's Hautecore Lipstick in matte black,

Why do I care what I look like at IMATS?  Do I really want to look like plain jane screaming for a makeup makeover in the middle of semi to pro makeup people?  So I would like to be ninja mode or atleast look like I know what I am doing.  I would still like to meet up with the girls to figure out what to wear.  Be comfortable, but practical what does that leave me for this size 14 short girl.  Um dunno.  So I am a sweater girl, which I think is just a graduated look from my old college sweater.  So I may sport some jeggings with a tank and an oversized sweater.  I would love to wear a nice burgundy one.  ( I have always liked that color on me)  But I don't have one.

Tip - Wear Comfortable shoes. - I bet I am going to be on my feet all day. ALL DAY! but shoes are the finishing touch to an outfit.  What are my comfortable shoes? My sneakers!  But If I wear sneakers with what I have in mind I will look like a chicken (big bottom skinny legs).  Boots!  I want to wear boots.  My cowboy boots are comfortable but if I am retaining water then my feet swell up like ballpark franks.  I am hoping for my flat tall brown boots,  but I am going to need some extra cushion for the time of standing in lines (Note look into Foot Pads!)

Should I bring a purse? Tip - Bring a bag to keep your hands free.  I know that IMATS will provide a bag for you but I assume it will be a standard promotional plastic bag with handles,  helpful but not for my practical self.  I have a faux soft leather crossbody 15"x 20"purse. Its soft so it can either expand for a bunch of products or be squished by crowds. Also since it crosses over the body it will secure near my body plus leave my hands free.

What should I bring with me? -  Tip - Bring Cash, Makeup Wipes and non perishable snacks.  Cash, I hear is just helpful.  It's the fastest and most functional way to pay for your many purchases.  I heard that there can be a complete separate line just to pay for your goodies with plastic ( i.e. debit or credit card.)  Makeup wipes was a very creative tip.  I know I am going to want to swatch all the products on my hand.  A good go to makeup wipe can clear an entire line of product swatching in one wipe.  Snacks!  though I an going to be too excited to eat I have to remember to maintain a positive attitude by keeping up my blood sugar levels.  I will stash a few of my favorite protein bars  in the purse.  Maybe my friends will want one.

So thats it for right now.  Hopefully I can do one last check in before the big day.  Stay tuned in.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wear Glasses and Makeup

 I am as blind as a bat.  I use contact lenses and glasses.  I have worn glasses since the forth grade.  My mom always tells me I wanted so much to be like my family and wear glasses to match them.  (Yea, thanks mom,  like I am not regretting that decision now) I also wear contacts and have been wearing soft lenses since tenth grade,  it boosted my confidence and help get more of the boys attention.  Now that I am thirty and married, I am more confortable with myself and say screw it I don't feel like putting on my contacts today.

Putting on makeup when i can see with contacts is already hard enough to make me look polished.  Yet have you tried putting on makeup when you are wearing glasses?  not so easy.  Also you will be surprised on what i change so my eyemakeup can be seen through half a millimeter of lense.  So this is what I do and I will put helpful tips.  So don't judge me,  I told you I am as blind as a bat so don't be surprised if i have to slap my face against a mirror to apply my eyeliner.

You will actually need to wear more eyemakeup then normal.  Well what do we sometimes call glasses. . . FRAMES!  And what is the purpose of frames. A frame surrounds and supports a stucture or focal point, our eyes.  So to make the eyes stand out more past the frames and make them pop you need to wear more.

It is best to stick to light warm nuetral colors of eyeshadows.  i know that last tip was to wear more makeup than the usual.  But think about it. Some people have strong perscriptions that can look like it magnifies your eyes making them bigger.  So If glasses magnifies your eyes what else get magnified,  your undereye bag and dark circles.  Eww.  Bright cool colors can accentuate the dark undertones under the eyes.

Your makeup really depends on your own style of glasses.  A picture can totally change with the frame.  Why wouldn't your makeup be any different.  Thick frames means thick eyeliner.  test it.

I would forgo the fake eyelashes here.  Now this is a ongoing debate between makeup wearers and eye glass wearers.  My personal opinion is that any upper lash accentuating products (i.e. mascara and/or lashes) will only get crushed by my glasses or rub up against the lenses.   My eyeliner and titgtlining with give the appearance of lases without having to put anything on them. I mentioned upper lashes but I am all for lower.  Why not?!  the lower lashes doesn't get enough love.

Don't neglect the rest of the face.  I don't know about you but when i wear my glasses I tend to get really oily, not only around the t-zone but everything that falls behind my frames.  My eyelides, undereyes and the bridge of my nose becomes an oil slick.   My remedy,  primer and mineral makeup.  Mineral makeup is a natural oil absorber. I coat that on my face targeting the area where the lower brim of the glasses tough my face.  Also since glasses can accentuate dark undereyes,  an eye brightening concealer is a must.

I highly reccomend to play and experiment with your glasses.  Also lucky you if you can still see well enough to put on your makeup without them.  You might do everything opposite of what is written here.  To each their own,  I myself try to push the boundaries.  I would love to see what you come up with. instgram your look at #glasseswithmakeup