Monday, March 9, 2015

Lime Crime WTF Please Boycott.

Lime Crime WTF
Ok Makeup Blogreaties heres the scoop.  This will be brief but very important.
Lime Crime is known for their ultra bright and highly pigmented products in particular their lip products.  the CEO Doe Deere,  has been deemed public enemy #1.
Just a few of the "Lime Crimes"
  • Stating will give all proceeds to an animal shelter but won't give the name
  • Bullied fans in lawsuits after receiving bad reviews
  • Shuts down contests without explanation
  • sabotaging fellow makeup brands
I know right -  this is the kind of stuff you watch on a scripted drama.  But here is the latest. SC Magazine wrote this headline Malware on Lime Crime website, payment cards compromised -  No word from Doe Deere.
Is this makeup that amazing that we would risk losing our own hard earned money?  Personally no.  I have one velvetine lip product and that took two months to get ( Now I know why)  There are now comparable dupes out there with more reputable backgrounds.  But don't worry - I got it from Urban Outfitters,  which they stopped carrying the brand.
So makeup lovers are uniting to BOYCOTT Lime Crime products.  WE need to show Doe Deere that our love for makeup is more then "surface level" and that we are sick and tired of being treated like crap.
A petition is circulating to NOT allow Lime Crime to be apart of IMATS New York.  When I went to IMATS 2014 in LA the lime crime line was around the building.  I am not so sure if IMATS will look so good if they do allow Lime Crime to participate.
Click Here for petition.
Also my fellow blogger Makeup Lover Maria_Monster wrote a very good peice about the subject
Remember the time when all makeup lovers had to worry about was if the products were tested on animals?  Stay Informed my blogreaties.


  1. Time to find a new cult make up brand! Maybe Chic Geek?!;)

    1. Yea, I wanted to mention that we should give the lesser know start up companies like Geek Chic Cosmetics a fighting chance. Did you put in an order yet?

  2. This is a great post! I have written an in depth blog post about the Lime Crime scandal here: if you're interested x

    1. Thanks for the comment. I read your post. Such a personal experience on the matter, you okay? I will cross my fingers that nothing financially negative happens to you. But we need to spread to word that companies like Lime Crime will need to held accountable. - I love your blog layout!