Monday, September 29, 2014

In Search For: NYX Eyebrow Gel

Have you heard of this suff yet.  This is the newest product from NXY.  Brows are the biz now, the fuller the better.   For those who spent years getting them brows as skinny as twigs,  bigger is better.  Not to mention it makes one look younger.

   Okay so what so great? this is NOT the clear stuff.  This is a HIGHly pigmented brown gel that is to create fuller natural looking lashes and help those unruly hairs stay in place.  This formula is waterproof.

Of course I am skeptical.  But I how am I suppose to try out if I can't find it.  Sold out on the NYX website and its not even sold at Ulta.  Ebay is your best bet but be prepare to spend money on it.

Good Luck my blogreaties.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I'm Back! Crazy Discount on Mehron

Hautelook has Mehron on SALE RIGHT NOW!!!

I love the full coverage performance makeup like Kryolan and Cinema Secrets.  I thinks it the theatre nerd in me.  This makeup is the fullest coverage and is the strongest to hold up to anything. 

So I was surprised to see another theatre quality brand on Hautelook MEHRON!

Take a look at the discount.

on the Mehron Website, tak a look at this HD Highlight and Countour Palette retailing at almost 80 bucks online.

Look on Hautelook 50% off.  Holy crap I had to have it.  Especially since more and more are getting into contour and highlighting thanks the artist who work on Kim Kardashian.
My favorite professional makeup store CRC Camera Ready Cosmetics sells Mehron Brand and they carry the pressed pigment palettes for 56 buck while hautelook is selling it for 26.50
Now that I got that off my chest,  I should mention that Hautelook does not offer Mehron's entire line of makeup but only a few items.  Though for the few items that are available they ARE offered at a great discount and the items are great quality you wont be disappointed. 
Check out the event on Hautelook it ends Friday 8am Pacific time.