Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Coming Soon New from Urban Decay

Happy New Year!

Its a new year and what the best way to celebrate a new year.  A NEW product! In my previous post i reviewed my newest purchase from urbandecay.com and they added a secret exclusive sample of their newest product.  Wanna know what it is?

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss!  Yes, my blogreaties they are adding yet another item to their naked line.  I have some of their naked products that are very good quality.  I think Urban Decay just wants to ride that naked palette wave as much as they can.  As usual Urban Decay claims that it is like no lipgloss that I have ever tried.  Really?!?  It is suppose to be natural and the most hydrating gloss on the market.

Urban Decay:
   We laced Naked Lipgloss with Hyaluronic Filling Spheres (What is that?) vitamin E, Avocado oil and shea butter to hydrate and condition lips, then added rosehip seed oil for an extra hit of vitamins.  just wait until you see what it does for your lips (aside from making them dangerously kissable). 

It is nice.  The color they sampled me is called what else "Naked" a nude pink with pearly shift.  (Whatever that means)  It gives a nice natural color to my lips,  but clearly very glossy.  The formula is very sticky to me.  The smell is nothing to write about. I smell a slight hint of mint but other then that its a typical sweet plastic smell.

As for moisture it does its job.  If I was in a pinch and I din't have a lip gloss, lipstick or lipblam,  this will take care of all of that.   Though it is sticky it does balnace my lips back to a healthy moistures leaving my lips very soft even when I wipe it off.   For the spring season I predict that the nude lip is going to come back and put the vampy lip back in the drawer.  Its a great product that does triple duty and you know I love products that have multiple uses.  So If you are looking for a natural glossy lip product that will give you a bit a color then i suggest this.  If Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss is any way as popular as the new Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette then I suggest you pick a color to match with your new eye look.  Good luck1

Monday, December 30, 2013

Urban Decay Shattered Face Case

I love palettes.  I love combination palettes even more.  It makes putting on my face easier and leaves more room in my make up bag. The Urban Decay Sahttered Face Case is a sleek double-layer compact. The case contains five NEW shades of eye shadow exclusive for this case, two shades of blush, a highlighter, a Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color and a travel-size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil.

  • Eyeshadow: Nameless (medium gray-brown satin), Remix (rich purple shimmer with tonal micro-glitter), Shakedown (rich brown-gunmetal satin), Minor Sin (champagne-pink satin) and Bleach (yellow-beige matte).
  • Blush: Overexposed (dusty rose) and Temper (soft baby pink).
  • Highlighter: Glint (soft pink-champagne shimmer).
  • Lip Color: Lovechild (cool pink cream).
  • Eye Pencil: Zero (zealous black cream).

The shadows are very pigmented.  Duh! it's Urban Decay. A make up artist can definitely create some looks as for someone like me who is still learning,  I think I may need to add a few more shades from my collection.  But in the pics you see (above) this is using just THIS palette. Originally this palette was 44 dollars.  A little bit out of my comfort zone.  I think I wasn't alone in this,  and Urban Decay noticed too.  The company reduced the product to 29 dollars thats down by more than 30 percent from the orinal price.
Its a great palette if you want something simple and you are on the go,  yet for the makeup enthusiast you can skip this and look into something else.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Perfect Palette Tag

Merry Christmas my Blogreaties!  Sorry Vacation makes me turn off my brain.  I can write on the goodwill towards man and all that jazz but lets face it,  if you are reading this then you are like me and you need a good distraction from the festivities.

I am obsessed with makeup palettes. I tend not to gravitate towards the single eye shadows.  Even if I did I would still de-pot them and put it in a Z-Palette.  I think I like the palette only because it cuts out the indecisiveness of makeup for me.  On the average I don’t have the luxury of opening two to three palettes to pr for my look.  Most palettes have all the appropriate colors and textures to create a look for me.  The perfect palette tag is the lastest tag that is going around the YouTube and the beauty community.  I am surprised on others choices, each is very unique. 
DEFINITION – Tag: Identifying names , words or subjects that is used as an easy identifier to make a video or blog post on or to search for on the internet.  Widely used on YouTube.
Well here are mine - comment on your thoughts

Best Packaging - Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
This is the newest palette in my collection - The tin container is sturdy with a magnetic closure that is of course so reminiscent to a classic chocolate bar. Best palette for weight watchers. This is why the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is my best packaging. Read my review in my previous posts.

Most Versatile - Sephora Sculpting Disk

My most versatile Palette is not considered a Palette by the majority. Even Sephora counts it as a disk. Yet if I am in a pinch this is what I depend. What I mean by pinch is being an hour late for an event and all I have is this to put on my make up. The sculpting disk consists of a pearl white (highlight) , a warm toned brown(bronzer/ contour) and a fairly warm pink (blush).The trio of colors doubles as a highlight, contour and warmth of color for both the eyes and face. The white color is slightly pearlescent that is not too much for the face so I don't look shiny yet its perfect for my eyes to highlight the brow bone and my inner eyelid.

Best Color Payoff  - Lorac Pro Palette
This was a hard palette to comeby.  I did not know that Lorac was only available in the JCPenny Sephoras.  The clerk was so rude stating that is was not available and I just strolled into a Ulta and picked up the last one SCORE!  I love this palette because it offers the same number of matte shadows to shimmer shadows.  

Best for Traveling - Lorac Pro To Go Palette
This is exactly the same as the Lorac Pro Palette,  yet this provides the complete face.  One bronzer, two blush ( one matte, one shimmer) Six eyeshadows,  two of which can double as not only a base eyeshadow but can double as face highlightes ( matte and shimmer).  Though the packaging is a bit bulky for travel it does offer everything that I need for travel. I can slip this in a small makeup bag with a travel size mascara and lipstick.

Biggest Regret - Em Cosmetics Life Palette

Ouch, so this one hurts.  If my husband finds out how much I actually spent on this palette he will freak out.  Don't worry my hubby won't hurt me, but my pocketbook sure felt it. At a whopping 79 dollar price tag this palette wins my biggest regret.  The shadows are drugstore quality at a major high end paris pricetag.  I have not heard anything good about this palette since my purchase. I rarely use it because of it's size and it is hard to individually take out each color to transfer to the travel size palette provided. Buyers Beware!

Best Color Names - TheBalm Balm Jovi Palette
TheBalm is one of my most favorite brands.  This balm jovi palette is perfect for both the music and makeup lover. Check out the packaging, cute huh?  Now the names.  The names are based on music bands, Alice Copper, REM, the Strokes.  I can see the correlation.  It's cute!

Least Used - Tarte Carried Away Collector set (the palette)

Most Used - Lorac Femme Fatal Palette
I purchased this palette from Hautelook (hautelook.com).  I always think it's weird that Lorac releases these small palette that are not readily available at stores.  But I love this small petite palette.  It has all the colors that i love using.  The provided brush is the perfect ratio of soft and stiff.  I don't have to switch out the brushes to create looks.  I see I am hitting pan.  Bummer because I can't find this anywhere.

Most Loved - TheBalm Nude-tude Palette

This is my most loved palette I think its for sentimental reasons. This was the first high end palette from one of my most favorite brand. The design is thin and sleek for travel and provides a large enough mirror to do your entire face. This is the one palette that I know of that offers both a naughty and nice version. Also, yes if you are wondering I do have both versions. The color payout is exceptional and in my personal opinion beats out the rest of the nude palettes.

Desert Island - Sephora smokey eye Collection
This was a redundant catagory so i picked this one.  This palette offers so many color combinations with many finishes.  It has a big huge mirror and opens up to offer pop outs that can be popped into the provided travel friendly palette. So I gues if I had to scavage for supplies i can take the palette and look goo while doing it.
Lorac wins in this tag with 3 palettes and thebalm placing second with two palettes.  I am sure these choices will change next year.  Especially with the new additions to my collection like the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and everything that could possibly come in 2014.  So blogreaties I hope you had a great Christmas.  I didn't get anything to write on a great Christmas haul, but I did take advantage of some great sales for the after christmas sales online so I will post on those when they arrive.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

New from Too Faced

So I put myself on a no makeup buying pact until IMATS in January.  I have to make it, there is no excuse, that is less than a month to go.  So with that,  I got another package from sephora!  (I happen to order it before the no makeup pact,  I really did)

I happen to try out the new Sephora VIB Rouge free shipping and got the new Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow palette that has been seen by us enthusiast on Instagram and facbook.

It's surprisingly BIG.  It reminds me of the old school metal pencil boxes we use to carry in our backpacks in elementary school.  Since it is so cute, I will wait to pry it open to see how deep the product goes.

All of the colors are brown toned with exceptions to gold purple and green.  TooFaced eyeshadows are very well pigmented.  Please someone comment if I am the only one on this but I think that my tooface eyeshadows dry out and creates a lot of fall out.  Is it just me?  I dunno. 
Yet I hope that this palette will not dry out my eyeshadows so it can extended the life of these shadows.  If browns are your favorite color schemes for your eyes you are going to love this.  Finally how can I neglect to write on the smell of . . .you guessed right CHOCOLATE!  It's the same smell TooFaced uses for their Chocolate Soleil bronzer.  I wish they amped up the smell just a bit more, but with shadows names like Triple Fudge and Ameretto it blends with my senses making me crave the sweet stuff.

Friday, December 20, 2013

IMATS 2014

I'm going to IMATS Los Angeles 2014 Blogreaties!

I am so excited!  I would like to say it’s an early Christmas present from my husband,  But what is more surprising is that he also got my friends tickets too! (Awwweee that is so sweet)  I think it’s just so he doesn’t have to go with me.  Thank goodness my friends are as obsessed for makeup as I am.  @booknutdc and @ Maria MTz are awesome people and I can’t wait to wait in lines with them.


Check out my friend, Maria’s blog ( http://likealady619.blogspot.com/)  She writes about life and makeup too.  She is one of the edgiest people I know with an awesome bitchy attitude but the sweetest heart.
I have never been to IMATS before so as soon as I found out that we purchased tickets I turned on my crazy research mode and went to  the internet.  The first thing I did learn is, do your research so you can utilize the most from your IMATS experience.    I intend to.
So what is IMATS exactly? I-M-A-T-S stands for International Makeup Artist Trade Show.  IMATS is the make-up world’s biggest gathering. Thousands of make-up artists, vendors and enthusiasts discuss display and collect the best the industry has to offer. Make-up pros from fashion and film provide education and demonstrations at IMATS, and new products often debut there. Makeup everywhere, can you believe it!
The IMATS website has the list of exhibitors that will have a table available to display and sell their products.  Where do I start?  Okay I must  properly think this through so I don’t waste my time on tables that I 100% know that I either  Number one;  I can find at a store or online and Number two; find cheaper!

So where does that leave me?  It leaves me the brands and stores that are either only online and the products that you can’t find online.  My two brands that I will definitely look into Kryolan and Cinema Secrets.
Kryolan is a German based makeup company that specializes in makeup meant for TV/Film and Photography.  I found this brand during my wedding makeup research.  I wanted a foundation that was full coverage and looked fabulous in photos.  This stuff met my expectations. 
Cinema Secrets is another professional makeup brand that is used for TV/ film and photography.   i fell in love with this foundation because it was the only foundation that perfectly matched my freaky  dunno if pink or yellow neutral skintone.
I know what you are thinking,  but i know numerous of websites, you can get this makeup.  yea I know but can you explain the color selections of these products?  Do you trust your monitor on the accuracy of a foundation.  I don't but i still try and at times fail miserably. 
But that is one of the reason that I cant wait to go! I will get to see these brands face to face and get advice and instruction from the experts achieve get expert results.    I will keep you posted on my progress of research.  I am such a makeup nerd.
So i have the brands i want to look into more at IMATS.  Now I will look into the general beauty supply stores that will be there.  No Sephora or Ulta there, blogreaties.  I will check out their websight to see if i can find some hidden gems and add it to my wishlist.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

ItsJudyTime Palette

It came!  It came!  It finally came!   I am talking about BH Cosmetics “Its Judy Time” Palette.  I felt like a stalker and kept checking the website when the palette was going to be available.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, keep reading.
tsJudyTime is a beauty channel on YouTube, created and starring Judy Travis. http://youtube.com/itsjudytime She is another one of my Beauty Gurus that I like to zone out to daily.   She also has a vlog channel called “ItsJudysLife” that she shares her daily life with her husband Benji and 1 yr. old Baby Julianna.   There’s more!  She is currently pregnant with twins and with that she started another channel called “ItsMommysLife”  I don’t watch the mommy one because I am nowhere close to being a mommy, but the other channels I watch daily, even my husband listens in.

DEFINITION - Vlog: a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form.


So with all that she has,  she still finds the time to join BH Cosmetics and create this palette. BH Cosmetics partnered with not only “ItsJudyTime” but also “ThatsHeart” and had them create their signature looks with customized palettes.

The majority of the colors are warm browns which is my favorite, yet offers 3 cool colors of purples and blues that is also it's only pop of color.

provided by itsjudytime.blogspot.com

The look I posted was the very first time playing with the palette.  I am still learning how to put on enough makeup to stand out on camera so it doesn't look so natural looking.  Still working on it.  The shadows are very opaque with not much fall out. 
I do have a few criticisms on the palette though.  I wish it offered two light colors one matte and one shimmer for the brow bone. Though I like the gold and copper they are a little bit too similar when I try to blend them together.  I can already tell what colors I am going to use the most so I am really trying to learn to create looks of shades that I don’t normally gravitate to.

Other than that I highly recommend this palette especially to those who are still learning.  ItsJudyTime has been posting looks using her palette that is not only very helpful but inspiring to create your own.  The palette is currently going for 14.95 which is a 5% discount.  It limits you to one per customer and is going quickly.  Check it out (http://www.bhcosmetics.com/judy )

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ipsy Review and Ipsy Bag for December

Ipsy, have you "blogreadies" (blog readers who are beauties) heard of this?  Ipsy is a beauty product subscription box.  It was founded by Michelle Phan and other YouTube beauty gurus in 2011. 
For 10 dollars a month,  Ipsy will send you 5-6 slightly personalized full to sample sized products from skin care, makeup and tools in the mail.  I signed up in 2011 when the company was still called MyGlam.  I have signed up for a year subscription and currenly going to sign up for the next one. 
I know,  Show me the Products!
Its always going to be a toss up on quality of products.  Through the years I have noticed that ipsy uses brands that can only be found online.  Some have been good.  yet there will be atleast one or two products from well known brands like Urban Decay and NYX.  Ipsy is definitely worth the 10 buck price tag.  You can get a full sized product whose pricetage surpasses the whole bag.

For november I got this cute nail polish (tinibeauty.com) in my bag and I went onto the website and discovered that same bottle was 13 dollars. yea great deal. I know that there are alot of beauty subscription sites. ( i.e. birchbox, qvc beauty tube),  but they are expensive and usually you won't always get a makeup products. With Ipsy you will get makeup.   If you check it out,  (ipsy.com) you will be advised to take a beauty quiz.  I suggested go all out on your choices.  Why?  You will get more makeup products!  

In August one of the products a member could get was the new deluxe sample of Urban Decay revolution lipstick -  Argh I was so bummed that I didn't get it.  I got a unknown chapstick instead.  So I went online to the site and retook the beauty quiz marked more adventourous makeup choices compared to the natural look.  Also forgot to mention that Ipsy provides descent discount codes for the products they feature in their bag. Honestly i don't like 100% of the products.  I save the unopened products for my friends and give them out as thinking of you gifts or holidays presents.  Yet Ipsy has opened my eyes to online makeup companies that I have continued to order from.

So Ipsy get double sets of thumbs up from me.  I will remain a loyal member and it gives me something to look forward to every month.  Ipsy has become so popular within the year thanks to the YouTube Beauty Gurus featuring the products on their pages.  You will need to sign up for the waitlist now it hopes to get picked up for the next month.  So I wish you luck  "blogreadies" (blog readers who are beauties) and I wouldn't mind trading products with you.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

EmCosmetics Haul

Did you "blogreaties" take advantage of the discount deal on EmCosmetics? (emcosmetics.com)  I took full advantage, spend 100 get 50 off.  Yes,  Tis the season everyone has made deals on makeup.
EmCosmetics is the brain brand of YouTube Beauty Guru, Michelle Phan.  The makeup line is manufactured by L'Oreal and the reviews from the community are split.  I have to admit there are some gems of the line but continue reading and form your thoughts before I type mine.

I picked up multiple things from eyeliners, lipsticks, concealer and the iconic "Life Palette"  I bought the life palette when EmCosmetics first came out in April? (I have to check that.)  I was surprised that I received it before the beauty gurus reviewed it.  Michelle Phan has a great heart and is extremely creative so I didn't hesitate to purchase when her makeup came out. 
I love the lipsticks and eyeliners.  The lipsticks regardless the name are so pigmented with highly pleasing shades that can be worn by so many people.  The formula is not sticky even their "matte" formula is not drying at all.  I would definitely recommend them.
EmCosmetics eyeliners are fabulous and I like these eyeliners better than the Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner.  Both are very creamy and can be easily smudged for a smokey effect.  Yet the Em liners beat out the too faced in staying power.  Love love love!  These are perfect in the waterline and as a upper and lower liner.
 Next is the "Great Cover up" ultimate concealor.  michelle Phan uses this in most of her videos to conceal her undereyes and blemishes.  I got the concealer in Medium Warm and it is very orange.  I suppose it will work for undereye circles but I realized that I must use this stuff sparingly or i will turn into a ompa loompa.

Distributed By Paramount Pictures

Below is the "Life Palette" in Day.  The palette is the most neutral palette that i thought would benefit me the most.  Color payout? 50/50  The concept was great, the execution and quality needs to go back to the labs.    I would avoid the "Life Palette"  especially with a pricetag of a whopping 79 dollars.  Yikes.  Whoa stay tuned for my Perfect Palette Tag because this will be the one I regret.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sephora VIB Rouge

Okay so Sephora has yet another membership tier to warp our minds to spend more.  Yea they got me.  In my last Sephora online purchase I was asked If I would like to join.  I didn't know what it was I qualified, it was free, what the hey.  As long as it wasn't a credit card I assume I would be fine.  (Oh my give me strength that I don't sign up for the sephora credit card.)

According to Sephora (Sephora.com/rouge) VIB Rouge launched on July 23, 2013. If you spent $1,000 in 2013 by July 23, 2013, you qualified for VIB Rouge status.  Yikes did I really spend $1,000 dollars at Sephora.  Whoa I think I found my New Years Resolution.
I got a lovely black box amoungst my order.  It welcomed my to VIB Rouge and stated the benfits of this membership:
  • • Free Shipping on all orders
  • • Unlimited access to the Beauty Studio
  • • Exclusive invitations to Rouge-Only Events
  • • Special seasonal surprise gifts
  • • Access to a Rouge Concierge

It also came with a tiny tube of Bite Beauty lipstick in a color exclusively made for VIB Rouge,  (Really?)  So as you can see from the picture it's a very warm red color I am thinking borderline orange.  Its a statin finish, smells and tastes sweet which I have noticed is a staple for Bite lipsticks.  It's okay,  If I way this color every I will run out of this stuff.  The tube is that small.

So if you are a VIB Rouge, Congratulations! For those who are just VIB's,  I recommend to stay.  You can get a better size sample of lipstick with your point perks. It's really the same thing,  yes it's free shipping but it's really only beneficial for homebodied online shoppers, like me.  I won't go to these exclusive events, crowds are scary! My opinion,  it's not worth it.  The VIB Rouge benefits need to be far better than the regular VIB.   Here are my suggestions.
  • Deluxe size samples with every order.
  • Full Size product point perks
  • Send us special codes for access to buy new products before anyone else
  • Discounts!  crazy Crazy CrAzY discounts!
  • VIB Sales and gift cards should be slightly better for Rouge members. (maybe add 10.  Make it a 30 dollar gift card instead 20 OR make it a 30% discount instead of 20%)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sephora Haul


It’s here! It’s here!  Previously I mentioned two things the 20 dollar gift card from Sephora and the search for the Naked 3 Palette.  Well I killed two birds with one stone as the saying goes and I used the gift card on the Naked 3 Palette!  Finally it’s here.  Of course I can never get just one product from Sephora.  This is a haul.  
Besides the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette,  I picked up the Jack Black "It's the Balm" Lip balm quad and the Bite Beauty "The Lip Kit.  I will tell you all about it.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - Okay i know us makeup junkies have already seen all the swatches and video reviews from all of our makeup gurus on this product.  So yes I did give in and bought the palette,  yes I am weak.  But I have to admit I really do like it.  I would say the reviews were right,  if you like rosy gold combination eye looks you will love this.  I am, so i do.  I thought that this would have a rose matte color for blending but it doesn't.  But I will just end with that I have it and I will probably  look into repurchasing the orignal Naked Palette.  Only due to my slight OCD in me that I would prefer to have a complete set.  People don't give away your stuff without talking it over first.

Bite Beauty "The Lip Kit"  (38.00 USD)- I love Bite Beauty lipsticks.  I first fell in love with Bite at Sephora's little small last minute travel section near the cash register.  i bought their single dual color stick.  Loved it.  So i picked up "The Lip Kit"  that has various shades for every lip color taste.  I liked it beause their shades are wearable for someone liek me who like nuetral subtle shades.  For the 38 dollar price tag you would asssume that a bit pricey.  But think about it 38 bucks for eight lip sticks, thats 4.75 a color.  That is cheaper then most drugstore lipsticks.  I don't even count the finish as matte either but not glossy either.  These are so hydrating and these made my lips so soft even after wiping off the colors eight times in a row to take these pics.

Row1Left to Right (Rose, Palomino) Row2 (Mulberry, Retsina)Row3 (Pomegranate, Musk) Row4 (Pepper, Apricot)

Jack Black "its the Balm" Lip Quad -  Can you belive this is actually the second time and second edition of this line?  I love this stuff.  I originally picked this up for my husband bacause he had real bad cracked lips.  It was so bad that sometimes it would bleed, eww.  So i picked up the fist exclusive from Sephora last year fell in love with the flavors and blends that I had to pick up the second edition.  I know what you are thinking, its a freakin lip balm, spending 7 bucks a tube is pointless, right?  So worth it people.  The blends or "flavors" are more appetizing and natural then the typical chapsticks and blams that one would usually use.  It's really hard to explain but its very different.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Feelin’ Sick and I look it too.

Yay the cold and flu season!  I work in an office so I am bound to get what is going around eventually.  But I won’t call sick.  I am currently counting 7 more working days until I am off for Christmas. I think I can pull through that.
  But I feel horrible and worse I LOOK horrible to.  My skin is dry but happily not flaky.  I currently have no breakouts and I can feel my eyes drooping.  I don’t have the strength or motivation to put on full face.  Thank goodness I have a few products at my desk to make me look more alive.
I learned long ago that I needed at least a few makeup products at my desk for emergency.  I don’t know how many times I had an important meeting and my makeup from that morning needed a major touchup, or when I had a date with a super-hot guy (When I was Single) and the only time available was right after work and that happen to be the day when I wanted to go plain.
Through my journey of the makeup world I have acquired a few products at my desk.  This is the time when I needed it.



Here is what I used.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream (020 Light Medium) – Honestly I don’t like this stuff.  This lacks in all the areas it claims to improve.  This BB cream doesn’t  have much coverage and doesn’t moisturize enough to make a difference.  I kept this  because I do like the size and the container,  it is perfect for travel and on the go.  So I threw it in my desk drawer.
ELF lifting Concealer ( Light)  This stuff is not bad at all.  This is thicker than the BB Cream and does its job to cover dark circles and brighten the eyes.
Clinique Stay Matte Sheer pressed powder (03 Stay beige) - This is the only product that I took from my purse.  I used this to set my face.  I also used this to blend, give my face more coverage and even the color.
ELF Contouring Blush/ Bronzing powder – My cheap God send.  This is perfect for my situation.  The compact is slim and sleek with a huge mirror that I used to put apply all of my makeup.  I used the blush for flushed cheeks.  I used the perfect matte bronzer to add warmth and to contour.
Sephora Double Ended Eyeliner Waterproof (Black/Brown) -  This is a must and my “got to always have” if I only needed one product.  This tripled as my eyeliner, brow filler and mascara.  Lined the top with black and lined the bottom out corners  with brown to make my eyes bigger.  I tightlined my upper lid to make it look like I have thicker lashes.  And used the brown to fill my brows.
DEFINITION - Tightline: Tightlining your eyes is a great way to add a subtle definition to your eyes. Instead of lining the skin above your lashes, you line between the lash line.

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Lip Balm (Berry Soft) -  I love balms that give a slight healthy color to the lips.  Moisturizing is okay.  I have better stuff to actually hydrate, but in a pinch it’s perfect.

So the final look is not glamorous, it’s not even pretty but I don’t look pathetic anymore.  I have a few more products that I keep in my desk to make different looks.

Eye Shadow palettes:  Jessie's Girl Eye Color Collection ( @ RiteAid)  Though it has alot of fall out this has the perfect amount of color I like to create look with the next palette.  Sephora Event Entry Palette ( Still available @ Sephora 11 bucks)  perfect matte and shimmer neutrals to create anything.  Sephora's Stuff can really match the big boys in quality.  I am impressed. :)
Mascara and Brushes:  Benefit "They're Real" mascara ( travel size)  I love this stuff haven't picked up the Full size yet only because I have so many travel ones.  The brushes are the cheapys ELF and drugstore but they work if you are creative.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Coastal Scents Haul

It finally came!
In a previous post I stated that I took advatage of the 50% off sale on Coastal Scents.(coastalscents.com) After a wait and a first delivery attempt by Fedex on the 9th, I finally got my package today (Dec. 10th)  So I am making note,  that Coastal Scents technically took eleven delivery days for me to recieve my package.  Now I don't know if that is normal because I put in my order the day before Thanksgiving.  But hey this is my first blog haul, so let me show you what I got.

This was on my doorstep.  It was such a cute packaging, printed with a pretty bow!

Left is the Fall Festival Palette.  This is a 12 pot palette that holds Coastal Scents choice of their Fall colors.  I thought it was a good deal and I can change out the colors and make my own blend, if need be.  The far right is the 6 contour blush palette 6 huge pan that is perfect for bronzing, contouring, highlighting and blush.

 This is Coastal Scents newest product, Bright Eyed concealer.  I picked up their light and medium.  As you can tell from my picture the colors are very different but produced very surprising results.  The light shade had  more of a pinky shade and the medium was more of a traditional medium color with slight orange tone.  The consistency was liquidy but not runny.  Below you can see the slight results on my undereyes.  The right of the picture has the medium the left is the light.  The light shade did a far better job of not only concealing my under eyes but it also brightened.

The rest were some other things that I wanted.  I picked up a 28 empty palette for my hot pots.  Still need to make sure if I have enough pots to fill it.  I picked up a few brushes.  Two are dome shaped to buff my shadow on my eyelids.  Finally a girl like me can find so many things to do with coconut oil, need it for the winter season.

 I love everything that I got.  Now its time to play and I will make some looks.  Wish me luck and I hope you consider looking into Coastal Scents for your next haul.

Monday, December 9, 2013

About me

I forgot to tell my “blogreadies” (blog readers who are beauties) about me.  How can I expect my readers to read this if I don't include atleast something about me.

Skin Tone:  Neutral with both yellow and pink undertones.  If I had to pick a color I am A NC30 in MAC Foundation.
Skin Type:  oily to dry combination skin.  I am acne prone with sensitive skin, if I don’t handle it properly.
Age:  32 years, if you can believe it.
Born & Raised: Southern California all the way!
Ethnicty:  Guamanian, Filipino and Japanese.
Relationship status:  Married (almost 2 years next April) to an awesome man that I have been with for almost 14 years!
Kids:  Nope and currently I don’t see any in the future.  (Good topic for later!)  My hubby and I have two cats though!
Favorite Makeup Brand:  TheBalm,  (www.thebalm.com) their concept and design are both feminine and simple.  The quality of the products are great are I am in love with their palettes.
If you had only 1 makeup product to use for the face:  This is hard,  I have two answers.  Do I pick concealer because it can be used in many different ways?  Or eyeliner because no matter the situation the situation eyeliner will always make me not look tired.  So, eyeliner.
Current everyday makeup products I am using:  Foundation:  Combination of Kevyn Auccoin Sensual skin enhancer (SW07/ SW13) and Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer (Tan to Medium 50).  Contour/Highlight:  Cream, L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup,(C6 Soft Sable/ W3 Nude Beige) powder, Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Trio (Sultry).  I will do a full face later.
Evil secret:  I am a major online shopper.  So obssessed!  The world wide web has not helped in my makeup obsession or addiction.  Eck and it hasn’t helped my credit cards either! L
Interesting fact:  Even though I have all types of makeup both high end and drug store from all over the world I  do not have a single MAC product in my collection.  I am debating but currently I am researching on what should be my first.




Friday, December 6, 2013

What is Your Skin Type?

What am I? I dunno. Figuring out my skin type and finding the right blend of products for that type feels like finding the perfect man. Yes, I know it doesn't exist.  But like finding the perfect man I don’t want to be picky. Yet I would like to settle down eventually and buckling down to figure out the pros & cons of my options.  So what am I talking about now a man or skin type?  I am already married so I am talking about skin types, darn it!

I am so confused and not to mention when I thought I had it handled the smallest little thing happens and my skin freaks out again. Ahhhhh! So I would like to think I am the average consumer.  I get occasional breakouts, I have slight scarring from previous breakouts, dry patches and an oily t-zone.  But I wish it was that simple.  This post is not even going to mention the sub-catagories. Acne-

DEFINITION – T-zone:  The T-zone of the face consists of the forehead, nose and chin.  It makes the shape of an upper case “T”.  So when someone states “I tend to get oily around my t-zone,” that what they are talking about.

With my issues I assume I am a combination of oily and dry.  But how do I know if I am oily combination OR dry combination?  That is where the confusing part comes in.  Currently it is winter and I am as dry as the desert you see in my pic.  I am currently using Clinique Moisture Surge Intense moisturizer.  That works well, sometimes it works too well that my t-zone turns into an oil slick.  So I only use it on the parts that are very dry. My current conclusions,  for the winter season I am dry to normal.  I will post a products I am using for winter for later.  With the summer season, I am as oily as a French fry. My moisturizing is minimal and I load up on oil blotters.  When summer rolls around I will post again.

The various combinations freak my skin out.  Cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers with that list readers might assume that is the reason my skin is freaking out!  Oh contraire, my “blogreadies” (blog readers who are beauties).  It is so much more.  I assume it’s a combination of products, tools, techniques and sometimes (dare I say) neglect, that my skin freaks out.

  So readers, it doesn’t help because I feel your pain. I hate it when I hear every individual is different, but I would just like to end this post with words of encouragement that it all about you and what you want to put into it.  If you are fine and know your skin, lucky you!  I recommend please share with friends so they can be as lucky as you.  For those who are like me, let me just state that clearly you are not alone,  together we will find the perfect blend and will combat against anything that life throws at our skin.   

If you would like to know your skin type try this quiz that I found helpful on FitnessMagazine.com