Disclousures . . Legal Stuff

I am just a regular girl who has nothing but thoughts through her head.  I write from my own experiences and express my own opinions on topics and products. I am not affiliated with any brands nor do I endorse them. I am not paid for my posts or reviews.  It would be nice to get paid to do this but if I did get paid than it would be counted as a job and not a hobby.

Copyrighted Images. . .
For the images you see on my blog  they are occasionally the images I have found on the web and believed to be in the public domain. I do not claim to be the owner of these images. All visual content are copyrighted to their respectful owner. If you are the owner of the web images please email me and I will be happy to remove them.  If you do that,  then let me thank you in advance for reading my blog!

Please dont hold me liable.. . .
The products you see are either what I want to own or have been purchased by myself or by my Friends and Family as gifts.  Thank you, Friends and Family! :)   Finally, please do not hold me liable.  I know that results may vary on makeup, skincare, or bath and body items I post on my blog.  I am not liable for any problems that should arise from trying out a product I post here. If you break out in a rash, or experience any abnormalities,  i am very sorry.  Please follow all directions and warnings on the labels.

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