Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back from RuPual's DragCon

RuPaul's DragCon, the first drag convention in HerStory!

What did she say it is a mash up of Comic-Con, Beauty-Con and Hello Kitty- Con all together in, (honestly) a surprisingly pleasant experience.  Yea I know.  Blogreaties if you know anything about me,  you will know that I tend not to do things the normal way.  I always like to do something that is a bit unique.  So a drag convention,  why not go in drag?  A drag king!

I wanted to take advantage of my short hair and try a johnny depp-esk look.  So my makeup friend Annette and I dragged up and shipped off to the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Try walking the streets of LA being 5',1" at 8am in the morning and being in drag.  I looked like a drunk Filipino man.
Why a man AngelPacific?  Well there was no way I was going to compete with men whose job is to look like a drop dead gorgeous female.  No woman could even compete.
I was clearly there just for the makeup.  All the makeup tables had decent discounts that I am very proud the I sort of retrained myself.  It had  all my favorites.  NYX Cosmetics, Kryolan, and BH Cosmetics.  Plus some of my favorite stores like Naimie's and Nigels Beauty Emporium.
I found a new store that I immediately placed another order online as soon as I got home.  Lady Moss Beauty.  Check it out. LadyMoss.com  They carry  brands like Nyx, LA Girl and Jordana.  Also its the nice stuff not the old products like some other websites.
AngelPacific, what about the drag queens?  Um yea there were some.  A lot.  that was where all the lines were for.  That's why I was able to make my way to all the makeup tables.
RuPaul's Drag Con would be my third or fourth "makeup trip"  and I have to say that this was the least pretentious, most polite, relaxing experience I have had.  Everyone there was so nice.  The message of the con was RESPECT and I think everyone honored it.  Was it because the pretty girls who get the attention at Gen Beauty and such couldn't compete with queens with attitude.  But all the girls were so friendly.  Even though there were so many crowds and lines,  no one was rude or pushy.

I had to go.  Who can say they went to the first one?  Over 13 thousand can and I was one of them.  The second one I know will be bigger and probably more expensive.  they will have to expand.  But they already have the dates for next years,  anyone want to go with me?


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