Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Generation Beauty 2014 Haul

Free Stuff was really the main reason we all went to Generation Beauty May 31st to June 1st, 2014.  Personally I thought that it was going to be like Halloween.  We all go around in painted faces and ask for goodies.  Makes sense.  Nope.  In my previous post I wrote that free swag was obtained if you worked hard on social media (i.e. twitter, instagram, facebook etc.) 
The Happy Hour was the only exception.  Happy hour happened at the very last hour of each day of the conference.  At registration we were given tickets which had the different name of the brands that were at the convention.  This was very misleading.  We thought that we had to pick one of the brands on the tickets in hopes that they will have enough.  Yea i thought I had to pick between Benefit and Cargo Cosmetics. Good thing was that after asking multiple people, we found out that it was all the same goodies.

Below is a list of everything with the retail price of each product.

 If you are a number gal like me you will appreciate my hard work and effort in stating that the total value of the FREE swag is almost 10 times the price I paid for the GenBeauty ticket.  So looking at this I am secound guessing if I should go next year.  Some of the brands of the products I recognized.  Yet many brands I was unfamiliar with and in my research I came to the conclusion that many of these brands were drugstore quality and price.  There are some gems on this list but I noticed they were big last year or last season.  So did we just get the overstock?  probably but I will not refuse a chance to try new stuff.

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