Monday, September 29, 2014

In Search For: NYX Eyebrow Gel

Have you heard of this suff yet.  This is the newest product from NXY.  Brows are the biz now, the fuller the better.   For those who spent years getting them brows as skinny as twigs,  bigger is better.  Not to mention it makes one look younger.

   Okay so what so great? this is NOT the clear stuff.  This is a HIGHly pigmented brown gel that is to create fuller natural looking lashes and help those unruly hairs stay in place.  This formula is waterproof.

Of course I am skeptical.  But I how am I suppose to try out if I can't find it.  Sold out on the NYX website and its not even sold at Ulta.  Ebay is your best bet but be prepare to spend money on it.

Good Luck my blogreaties.

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