Thursday, February 12, 2015

NEW From L'Oreal Paris - Infallible Smokissime

Loreal has bee stepping up their game.  I am so glad that they were early in releasing their new products ahead of the normal Spring 2015 release dates. 

I have been all over trying to find all the new products.  But as usual I am not special so I experience all the same things my bloreaties do.  The products are either not available, already picked through of ALL the popular colors and or the price tag is a bit more steep in price than you hoped for. :(

TAGLINE - Foam tip applicator for easy application.  Instantly blends color, no smudging needed.  Up to 14 hours of smoky perfection.

Taken from Loreal Website
Smoky perfection is now easily achievable in just one step. The new powder eyeliner pen features a revolutionary foam tip applicator to instantly blend color, creating a defined smoky eye with no smudging needed.

The gel-like powder formula housed in the product cap glides on easily, for a smoky finish that lasts up to 14 hours.

A.  The tip is a sponge that makes the smokey effect.
B.  The product is in the cap.  So everytime it hit the cap (hear that click) it replenishes the tip.
C.   Once applied to skin it will do all the work for you. 
Honesly if you look at the pictures it's not INTENSE enough for me.  I want straight black!  I put these pics to show what difference eyelashesand brows make. 
Fo those that just quite don't get the hang of the smokey eye,  these are perfect.  It is a much cheaper alternative to the Tarina Tarantino magic hour smudge pens that can go for a whopping 20 bucks each.  But these loreal ones last much longer like they claimed.  I recommend to atleast one in your aresenal for a quick look.

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  1. I should try this. It looks easy enough and the smokey eye is something I haven't mastered.