Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Newest Trend: Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

Hey have your heard of Origami Owl?  No believe me it's nothing to do with folding paper.  Origami Owl is a custom designer jewelry line that will
This was the dream of founder Isabella Weems,  in 2010 at the young age of 14, started this as a way to save for a car.  Now at 18, origami owl has become big, worth over 250 million dollars (  I know, jewelry,  how can jewelry from a teenager be worth 250 million?  All I can say is "CUTE!!"

Origami Owl's is set apart from the others by their "Living Locket" a locket that holds personalized charms that can be customized to fit any one's preference.   These lockets can be attached to necklaces and bracelets.  I have become obsessed with the charms that can't be copied. (Believe me I have tried)

Contact my gal Collette, (Click Here)  She just recently has been bit by the Origami Owl and is now an independent representative for Origami Owl.  Collette is the most stylish person in the building I work in. So I have become a follower of her customized arrangements.
These are the latest accessory for everyone in your life.  Also this is the perfect time to think of your own combinations for that special someone due to all the occasions that are coming up. 
Mothers Day USA (May 11th)
Father's Day USA (June 15th)
Graduation (June)
I think origami owl is reasonably price compared to pandora charms or those italian charm bracelets.  I tried to find knockoffs but nothing even compares to what Origami Owl offers. I just put in my order for a bracelet.  I hope you blogreaties can check it out!

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