Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Summer Makeup Guide: Trends


Summer is coming up and I don't know about you but my skin does a  one 80 from the dry winter season and I get OILY.  Spring to me does a snowball effect of time after Easter, where I get a few week of perfectly balanced skin.  Yet in southern California summer weather comes early and the hot sun and dry air freak out my face once again.  The problems i experience start from breaking out to keeping that makeup from melting that is covering those breakouts.  So join in my journey as I try different tips and advise from the experts to see what will work for me and at the same time help you get through the summer.

Summer Makeup Trends:

Many of the same Spring trends will carry onto the summer, keeping the bright colors and flawless dewy skin.  yes the orange lips will still be around for the summer season.
Though I don't plan on getting it myself. Only due to I'm not there yet in venturing out my comfort zone of color. If you do want to go bright and bold for the summer,  I suggest getting the Electric Palette from Urban Decay.  You can play up or down these colors for any summer outing. 
Great tutorials are plastered all over YouTube from my favorite Gurus like Promise Phan and Michelle Phan are some of my easiest looks that I myself try to recreate from other bright color that I already have.
Hair Trends:
  It's freakin hot now,  why in the world would you want your hair to drape in front of your face?  Your hair will just put more gunk and oil on your face making it twice as hard to sweat and melt proof. 
BRAIDS!!!?!  Can you do them?  Most can't.  But braids seem to be the rage now.  My guess is due to the Disney movie FROZEN those girls are sporting nothing but braids.
Pic from ImogeFoxyLocks and Walt Disney Studio Motion Picture 

Walt Disney Studio Motion Picture
This is very subtle compared to others I think I need to pick up more NYX milk jumbo pencil and or a white primer to help pick up the summer colors.


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