Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Must control the urges

Ah Spring is here.  All of my makeup sites are releasing bright colors and new products for the spring season.  Take a look at BHCosmetics Sale:
Argh I want it all:  But I am trying to be very good and not buy so much makeup.  Do I really need 20 foundations?  In my practical mind I can justify the number but who am i kidding.

  • Is it something that I DON"T already have?
  • Is it exclusive or limited in quantity?
  • Is it something I will add to my normal makeup rotation?
  • Do the benefits out weigh the con?
These are the kinds of things I must ask myself because My husband and I are saving for a house which will be complete change in lifestyle, so to me it's about priorites,  I want a house.  BUT my blogreaties I just wanted to share my obsession with you so have fun and tell me all about it.

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