Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow

New from Milani: Gel powder Eyeshadow

Gel formulas - I see it everywhere.  Gel eyeliners, Gel moisturizers, and gel nail polishes all companies are trying their latest advertisment campaigns and adding GEL.

Benefits of Gel -  Doesn't dry out, applies easily, enhances color, lasts longer.

As usual I was skeptical.  Gel powder? 

Milani Cosmetics is always  a hit or miss with their products.  Lately it's their lip products that have been getting the best press.  Yet I haven't hear much from their eye products.

Milani Cosmetics:

A gel powder – what would that even look like? We’ll tell you: It looks like rich, vibrant color that glides on in a single stroke, delivering a stunning multi-dimensional effect. What makes it a gel powder? Well, the formula starts as a gel and then is transformed by a special process into a stunning powder eyeshadow with pure color and power wear.

The unique process allows you to blend this incredibly innovative, weightless formula easily with your fingertips to light up your eyes. Even more to entice: It can be used wet or dry, resists creasing, and comes in satin matte, shimmer and iridescent metallic finishes. You just have to try this gel powder. It’s that different.

I picked up two colors from CVS.  Bella Taupe and Bella Black.  Yes I know two of the most boring colors of the line.  BUT here are my reasons.  One,  its fall,  why in the heck would I pick up fuchsia during fall.  Two,  if these claim to rich vibrant color, black would be the best test.  Finally third,  if gel is suppose to last then I am excited to sport a smokey eye with the taupe.

If you see these pictures they looked promising.  The black could have bee darker but i was excited to see what it looks like on the lids.  See below with the swipe test I swatched MAC soft ochre then swiped the shadows.  The primer did it's job and you can see the difference.

Finally I applied it to the lids.  I put primer only on one side.  AS you can see from the pick there are some differences. 

The without is without primer and I used the MAC soft Ochre on the lid with the "with"  I tried to blend to the best of my ability for both lids.  The one without the primer I actually had a difficult time.  so much so it turned pink if you can tell.
Final thoughts -  Don't believe the hype.  These Milani Eyeshadows are a hit and miss.  You MUST use a primer.  Though I have not tried it wet. But I am not the type that uses my shadows wet.  If theres a crazy sale,  pay and play with them But in the long run I suggest stick to your "go to" shadow brand for now.

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