Friday, February 21, 2014

In search for... . .

make up forever chromatic mix

I saw this product in the latest Allure magazine and it for sure struck my curiousity.  Liquid pigments that help change the tones of your makeup.  Information that I read from other state that it specifically helps in changing you foundation.  Six basic colors to modify your color.  HOLY CRAP where have you been my entire life.  You know how much this product would help the makeup community?  We no longer have to guess or RETURN foundations that are great on the skin but horrible on color.  This is help create you own customized color!  YAY

White - To lighten
Yellow - add yellow undertone
Blue - to help maximize original color with blue -ish undertone.
Red - add red undertone
Brown -  Minimize original color
Black - To darken

According to the Make up Forever website these retail for 14 dollars each.  I want yellow, red and white.  Yet where are they?  Sephora doesn't have it.  Even the  Make Up Forever site doesn't offer any stores nearby that carry them.  I will keep my eye on ebay or any obscure site that might offer them.  Wish me luck!

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