Saturday, February 22, 2014

Palette Series: TheBalm Jovi Palette

Palette Series: The Balm Jovi Palette ($39.50 USD)

Palettes, palettes, I love me some palettes. I think I have posted before but I love having everything in one. I want to have my entire face beautiful and find everything in one palette. Yea, I know blogreaties that doesn't quite exist. Yet can you tell me what palettes come close to it? Ha, that a hard one huh? Well welcome to my new Palette Series. I am going to go into my major collection of makeup palettes and test what works and how much one can get done with the ammount of products offered. What else is needed to get a complete look? It is travel Friendly? Stay tuned for my palette series and tell me what you think.

TheBalm is one of my most favorite makeup brands.  I love their sleek carboard packaging and cute designs.  To me its a bit difficult to find this brand in a store.  Many say that they get TheBalm at TJ Max or Marshalls,  I have never been that lucky.  The stores in my area are usually picked through as if it's a swap meet.  But all of my products from TheBalm have been strictly online purchases from Hautelook or thebalm website itself (

This palette has everything you need to take center-stage! It features 12 shadows that are sure to top the charts. All of these shadows can be used wet or dry—so “live and wet/dry”…it’s up to you! The head-lining highlighter and blush are sure to set the stage. Sync up your look with “Milly” and “Vanilly”, the two included lip and cheek creams. Balm Jovi is compact and portable, yet it has everything you need to take on tour! - taken from

Percentage of FACE it covers:
Face (Foundation) - NO
Blush - YES
Eyeshadows(3) - YES
Concealer - NO
Bronzer/ Contour - NO
Eyeliner - YES
Setting powder - NO
Highligter - YES
Mascara - NO
Lipstick/Lipgloss - YES

This palette is perfect for the blank canvas of the face.  The eyshadows offer such a great combination of eyelooks.  Their lip cream on this palette is dry but stains the lips well for the color to stay.  The eyeshadows are separated in three - metalics - nuetrals - and "alternative" colors.  (the names are so cute!)  They are a bit powdery but so pigmented.

Travel Friendly? - YES
Can you double up on products? - YES
Does it include application tools? - NO
Mirror? - YES
Do you need additional application tools? - YES
Factors of uniqueness:
tons of eyeshadows
unique colors
Still need to bring:
Foundation/ Concealer
setting powder/ botter

I smudged Alice Copper on the out half of my eye and blended Alegro on the outside and inner side of eye.  lined my lower lash line with this awesome blue shadow The strokes.  Finally put "iron maid-in" in the inner corners.  Blended lined and falsed up the lashes.  Applied "Don't You Want Me" on the cheeks and highlighted with solid gold.  Used vanilly on the lips and added a toch of solid gold to the lower lip to make that pop.

This palette is one of my faves.  i have so much makeup that I think I can fall in love many times with this palette as if it was new.  I always said that this palette is perfect for the girly makeup music lover.  It's thin enough to slip in a purse.  but since its made of a hard cardboard you may get some crushed corners thus possible ruining your eyeshows.  but you can double up if you are in a pitch for products.  I do suggest to keep an eye out when TheBalm is on sale online, like Hautelook you can get this at a descent price.  But pick one up it's a cute addition.

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