Monday, February 3, 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte

Oily?!  Yeah Me Too!  I am still trying to get the right combination of products to combact my oily t-zone.  Enter Rimmel's New Stay Matte Collection.
Missing in my collection is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder.  I figured that I have enough powder that I can skip this.  I picked up the foundation from CVS and the display had a dollar off coupon, so I got the foundation for less than five bucks!  Woohoo!  As for the primer, (Like I really need more!)  I picked up from Walgreens and that retailed for $6.99.  The claim is that the products are lightweight and will control shine.  I hope that it will last and cover,  believe me I am skeptical.
DEFINITION - Matte: A color, paint or surface that is flat and void of shine.
As usual I started off with a clean face and moisturized.  The moisturizer I used is another product that I am trying out that claims to also minimize shine that I will have a post on at a later time.  Hey anything to help.  The primer is lighter and smoother than their Fix and Perfect Pro Primer which I do like but the Pro feels a bit greasy but not the matte,  I was impressed.  The foundation I picked up before the primer,  thinking all the matte foundations are the same.  Yet i started thinking about it.  The drugstore doesn't offer much in matte foundations.  I have the maybelline dream matte mousse but I couldn't think of any others.  Comment below if you can think of more drugstore. 
Anywho,  when I first used the foundation, my first initial impression was that I didn't like it.  I applied the products with my fingers and blended it out with my beauty blender.  I think the foundation was so light that the beauty blender stippled the color right off.  Now with the addition of the primer my results have changed.  I applied the primer, concentrating the product on my t-zone and waited a few minutes to help dry and set.

The top left picture is me with primer the top right is with the foundation.  I applied the foundation with once again fingers THIS time I spread it with a flat top brush and that did the trick.  I think this was because i didn't add any water with a sponge and/or the foundation clings well to the primer.  The results were much better,  with better coverage.  I did apply concealer to my undereyes and blemishes.  I did mix a little bit of the foundation with the concealer to helpwith the color.  I set the makeup with a transluscent powder (lower left picture)  and I finished it with bronzer and blush.
For the next few hours I took pics throughout the day to check the progress of the makeup.  Additional notes need to be mentioned. This was done on Sunday which I did go out to a few places but did not eat or blew my nose. I didn't blot before during OR after this makeup.  I am notorious to touch my face for some reason (Yes I know bad for the face and makeup).  Finally I swear I did not touch up the pictures and I did not to touch up my face with products. 

The pictures with me holding up the cell phone is me logging in the time that has past.
11:38am was the first picture with fresh makeup and heading off to start my day.  All products set and blurred out my pores and imperfections.
1:00pm  I was in my friends car on a cool but sunny day.  i did feel a little bit of my makeup trying to melt.
2:04pm.  took this Outside did not notice a shiny t-zone but makeup did not look as fresh and perfect from before.  Eye makeup a bit blurred pores coming through makeup but no oil slick.
4:10pm.  Took the last picture before I got into the Superbowl game, that day.  I did notice my makeup wearing off but it settle into a natural finish that was not oily but a dewy finish. 
Total of 4 hours and 32 minutes past since the initial application.  Honestly that is not bad for no touch ups, or blotting and no additional products like a mattiffying spray.  I do reccommend this product if you are like me and have oily combination skin. I think I got better results with the corresponding primer.   The mattifying effect is not long lasting but it never claimed to be. I am still unsure whether having this particular primer helped mattify more or any mattifying primer will do.  The color selection sucks.  Yet Rimmel usually doesn't offer anything darker than a dark medium.  My true test is a full day of work.  But application alone can take a few more minutes/hours to add to the routine that I know I don't always have the time for. 
 So I reccommend not only the foundation but  to use the primer with it.  With proper application and with additional products in your arsenal like blotting sheets, touch up compact and matiffying setting spray you can get minimal shine on you face.  The new Rimmel Stay Matte line is a great addition to the brand and I hope that it stays to be a part of it's regular products. I will happily add these to my regular daily face "go to" products for its crazy affordability and availability.

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