Saturday, March 29, 2014

NEW Physicians Formula Youthful Wear

I purchased these products at CVS. It was a crazy discount, 40% off the original price.  SCORE!  I only picked up the concealer and the Foundation.  I love the packaging,  purple, my fave.  I normally do not pick up Physicians Formula products only because it’s one of the most expensive brands in the drugstore.  Normally these products would retail 12 – 15 dollars a product.  I have used the BB line which is okay.  (Comment if you would like my full review on that)

CLAIMS:  Look 10 years younger instantly.  The formula helps UNDO the visible signs of aging, restore firmness and elasticity and improves skin’s appearance.

Even the package has the word “spotless” that it is supposed to reduce the appearance of spots,  but products never say what types of spots it will reduce.   I hoped it would clear up my scars from old blemishes.  My first impression was very skeptical,  how can a foundation from the drug store INSTANTLY make me younger.  If it claims that I will look younger by ten years then that means that I will look 22 again.  Don’t hate but what if I still look like I’m 22?  I knew that I had to zone in onto the subtle differences and focus on other aspects of the foundation.

This is a BEFORE.  You can see some reddness, scars and a blemish above my eye
This foundation is very “liquid-y” instead of a pump PF put a dropper so you can drop the product onto the provided brush.  I won’t mention it again but the brush SUCKS, don’t use it.  This brush will hinder more than help.  Does it smell?  Oh my YES.  I will try to describe the smell.  It smells as if I left my carmel Frappuccino out for a couple of days and it’s starting to turn.  It smells like a moldy sweetness!  Eww, Sorry but it’s not so bad that I gag.  Moving on.

This is the AFTER as you can see it evened and covered fairly well with a dewy natural finish.
Coverage is light to medium I have to build up if I want to cover up something. It gives me a dewy finish, at times sometimes I think it’s too glow-y.  If you are wondering if I am talking about the concealer or the foundation, it’s the foundation.  I am still working with it, but I am not impressed with the concealer.  I thought that the concealer would be a bit thicker than the foundation to actually cover, but it’s more liquid-y than the foundation?  WTF,how am I suppose cover spots? If I am not careful enough I can wipe, stipple or dab away the product?

I notice I pick up this foundation as a quick fix to even out my skin tone that results in real look skin.  Also it moisturizes my face very well and does not accentuate my major dry patches.  I am still in need to powder my tzone because it's to shiny.  I like this foundation,  I am not sure it this well be part of the regular line a products but I suggest you try it blogreaties.


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