Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 Golden Globes and Grammys Makeup

Who watched the Golden Globes this year?. . . Yea I didn't either.  Catch the Grammys?  No I didn't but I watched the news the next day.  Because lets face it,  it is all about the RED Carpet!  I watched the red carpet and I only look at the hair and makeup.  I can care less about the outfit because one dress is the equivalent to a year's paycheck for me.  Atleast with hair and makeup I can try to recreate the looks.
This year's Golden Globes the faces were very dramatic weren't they?  Hearing and reading the comments from the experts they seemed to bash the people who tried to go for natural and subtle.  Whomp Whomp!  Below are beautiful examples of bold eyeliner with nude lips.  Awe I love it.  Pictures Left to right, Julia Roberts, Zosia Mamet and Emma Roberts. 
I just love Sandra Bullock.  Ever since I watched "While you Were Sleeping" I have been hooked on her look especially since she is a brunette like me.  I always love her looks and I always mean to investigate further on who styles her.
Dory Larabee from Hollywood Life wrote a great post on Mila Kunis' makeup specifically even down to what was used on her and how to acheive her awesome look. 
I can't afford Giorgio Armani but i did try to recreate it with the makeup products that I already have, but that was an epic FAIL.  I looked at other pictures at other angles and I needed alot more color and makeup.

Thank gawd for being human.  It is when stars make mistakes that make me remember that they are human too. Awe Look at Girls star Lena Dunham.  Her teeth practically matches her dress, but I guess she wanted to glam it up a bit by adding lipstick and missing terribly.  Ewww.

For the 2014 Grammys,  these looks don't necessarily have to be traditional compared to the Golden Globe  hollywood glam.  Thank Gawd,  these siren stars sported metalics and smokey eyes. that makes all of us, including me to copy their looks.
I had to copy Taylor swift blue and silver makeup.

I used NYC Sparkle Eye Dust in Diamond Dust on the outside and under my eyes.  I thought Diamond dust was going to be lighter and glittery but it was dark and muddy.  Yet the color worked to darken the outer corner.  I used Wet N Wild Mega Liner liquid Eyeliner in 862A (indigo Blue) and drew a winged out liner. 

I also darked it with a black eyeliner below the blue. to make my eyelashes look fuller. Now the silver! The actual think that made the look. I couldn't think of where I had pure silver color. no pigments, no singles I had to bust out the palettes. My loyal brand TheBalm! BalmJovi Palette offers a color called Metal-ica. This was the perfect silver I needed for the finishing touches to this look, where you can tell was put in the inner corners of the eye for major sparkle. 

 Zendaya Coleman rocked this warm smokey eye.  If I was a size zero and slicked back my hair I would look as rockin as her.
Arg! i wish I has skin like Anna Kendrick and Kacey Musgraves.  See it's all about flawless glowing skin and I am still trying to get the red out of mine.  Good Luck Blogreaties.

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