Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Generation Beauty 2014 (Pre Event Thoughts)

May 31st - June 1st 2014 at LA Live
Who is Going?  I am! I am!  I am so excited but nervous as hell to go.  Everybody over there are practically models, walking around in their high heels. Arg!?  how in the heack can a short chubby girl even be in the same photo frame of all the you tube beauty Gurus, Michelle Phan, Promise Phan, Judy Travis and Charisma Star.  Yes who will all be scheduled to be there.  AHh1 makeup nerd overload.
  Check out where this will be held ( see below)

This is the mecca of online youtube beauty.  Generation Beauty was the brainchild of IPSY which if you don't know is a company that was started from the You Tube Beauty Gurus headed by Michelle Phan.  Who in just a matter of a year can now be seen all over the world due to her brand new makeup brand EM cosmetics and a national Dr. Pepper ad campain.  You tube Gurus along with big brand names will hold workshops of tips and tricks for the beauty guru in all of us.
I  hope to treat this as a professional networking conference.  I am going with my Friend Annette ( She went with me to IMATs) and my husband!  i know I know what was I thinking.  But hey he is pretty enough to pass as a makeup artist.  But lets face it, we are all there for the free stuff!  It's looking like all the brands that were seen in the glam bags of ipsy will have their best swag to play with and give away.  YES!!!
Tickets are still available at regular price click here for the link. Yes I am fully aware that the tickets are 150 bucks but for the ammount of money that I spend on makeup the free swag totally make up for it.  I will write my entire experience after hopefully in two posts if I am good (Wish me luck on that) So my blogreaties I will attend.  As usual if you recognize me I would love to meet you and we can totally hang and take pix.  I hope it will be fun and I hope to see some blogreaties there.

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