Tuesday, May 20, 2014

NEW Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation

BareMinerals BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation ($29.00 USD)
Thats BareMinerals?!?  Isn't that liquid?!? Wait BareMinerals has a liquid Foundation?  Oh yes my blogreaties. It hit the market May 1st.  Silly me put  my online order April 30th to finally receive it May 8th.

CLAIMS(BareMinerals): Clinically proven tone-correcting mineral foundation and brightening serum in one. Created with exceptional purity in mind, this ultra-thin, skin-perfecting fluid provides seamless adjustable coverage, a natural finish and the look and feel of beautiful skin while delivering a noticeably brighter, more youthful appearance. Made with the bare minimum ingredients and formulated without oil, silicone, parabens or fragrance. It's like nothing you've ever felt before.

I spent the extra money and also bought the Perfecting Face Brush. ($28 USD)  I was surprised on the size of the bottle. The bottle is smaller and thinner than I thought.  Look at the comparison of some known sized products.  Also the cap of the bottle is a screw top, making it very secure for travel.  The brush,  I believe you can do without.  A standard flat top Sigma F80 or ELF flat powder brush will work perfectly.  But the brush is soft and does not scratch my red face.  Also the brush is dense enough to not have streaking and you can stipple very easily.

This foundation must be shaken.  I added a few drops of foundation to the cut out of the brush.  This pic shows that its thick enough not to fall through the bristles. I used sparingly and only used 4 drops of this foundation for my face.

Application wise if I stippled the product on I would use alot more product but painting it only I was able to get better use of the the production with little foundation.  Though not in coverage.  The finish is natural I assumed I might get more coverage when the foundation sets.  Nope, very natural finish.

As you can see it did even out my skin tone but it did not cover up my scars and blemishes. :(  But look, it brightened my face, thats for sure. Next I wondered, why spend the money on this serum foundation with all of it benefits and cover it with nasty powder products.  What I did was use the original bare minerals mineral veil to set the foundation.
Lasting power?  Um I guess its just like any moisturizer on the face  what do you think.  I took pictures thoughout the day to show the progression. Read it right to left then down left to right.  This foundation looks fabulous in flash photography BUT you can see that I turn into an oil slick.
The last picture at 3:35pm I thought I would finally touch up and get rid of the shine.  All I did was pat on my Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender.  But look what is did to the make up it tacked onto dry spots and made it more noticable Yuck!



My final thoughts are this.  BareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation does match up to the claims.  My skin did brighten and made it look fresh and young.  But of course this fresh and young look also brought the cons, oily skin that made me break out if not properly cleansed.  It is pricey for what you get.  I think a comparable dupe is the Physicians Formula Spotless Foundation.  It claims to do the same thing at half the price though not as nearly much color selection.(see my post here)  BareMinerals Serum Foundation can be found at Sephora, Ulta and of course on BareEscentuals.


  1. I love your honest review. Thanks for the review post of BareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation and saving my wallet!

  2. What shade did u buy? I I'm pretty light but I like to wear a shade darker to add

    1. The shade I bought was bare beige 08 - a bit yellow for me but settled pretty well.