Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Online Shopping Spotlight: Cherry Culture

Online Shopping Spotlight: Cherry Culture

Online shopping is the only shopping I do nowadays.  “How do you know if you like it?”  “How do you know it fits?”  “How do you know it’s the right color?”  Those are the many questions I hear from people who clearly are uncomfortable with online shopping.  But for a “get in get out type of shopper” who is not only plus size but petite, it’s not like my purchases were ever going to be perfect anyways.  Online shopping is my form of gambling for me.  I will have good and bad but the good will always outweigh the bad. 
Cherry Culture is an online makeup store that sells inexpensive brands of makeup.  Youtube makeup Gurus like Beauty Broadcaster mentions their site every now and then when talking about inexpensive makeup sites. You can find some expensive brands there like BeautyBlender, Japonesque and Model in a Bottle yet it doesn’t offer the products that made them famous to begin with.  Bad marks in my book for that, I originally hoped that I was able to try these products at an affordable price because it was out of season or it was the old packaging.   But if you are hoping to find cheap Japonesque Brushes or finally try Model in a Bottle setting spray, no luck Cherry Culture doesn’t sell that.
NYX looks to be their most popular brand offering their newest products of the season.   Cherry Culture prices match what you see in Target or Ulta, but Cherry Culture will sometimes have decent discounts of products that will always make me come back to buy more. 
Recently the site offered a 40% off sale on their entire site.  NXY’s new stuff wasn’t out yet (they were probably clearing out some room for it)  so I took advantage of the sale and got a bunch of Ardel Lashes.  Usually the Ardell 110 Multipack runs 10.78 but I got them for almost 6.50 for my fave.  There are some diamond in the rough on that site especially if you want to try some unknown brands or you want to put together a great inexpensive gift for the makeup lover in your life.
But I can’t say that the site is perfect,  any avid online shopper will do their research.  In my case I tend to do my research after I put my order in.  (Remember I told you it’s like gambling for me).  In my lastest order in which I placed on March 6th, I didn’t receive my order in the mail by USPS until March 24th. That is a really LONG time for standard shipping (what are they E.L.F.?) I couldn’t fathom why it would take so long.  I am glad that Cherry Culture offers online tracking, but if your order take 15 days to process fake lashes then clearly the company needs to work on their process.  Beautylish had a great discussion on their forums of the different experiences others had with Cherry Culture.  Many stated that Cherry Culture actually contacted them to ask for their ID to verify payment.  WTH?!?  Since when did a cheap makeup sites turn into a  TSA screening?  Since they took so long I feared that I would get that email.  What would have I done if that happened? I would have cancelled my order and start the long process to ask for my money back ( I hate that)  I paid for my order with Paypal and I should warn you some were still contacted to verify ID even though they paid through paypal.  I would contact paypal to complain.

I have ordered three times from CherryCulture.com and have been satisfied with all the outcomes.  They packaged all of my orders very well, so well that sometimes it's hard to open.  But nothing was ever received as damaged.  So I feel bad of my next statement. 

Sadly I would give the overall grade of a “C”  though I deem the site as legit and never had a truly bad experience with them except a long time to receive order, its their lack of consistency with the general public that brings them down.  Me as the simple blogger doesn’t have to state it makes sense,  but when you are getting mixed messages from a popular site like Beautylish it will just confuse the person who wants to buy on the site.  So Blogreaties, CherryCulture.com  buy at your own risk and I hope it pays out well.


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