Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sephora Divergent Multi-Piece Collector's Kit

Divergent,  another book turned movie, most likely turning into another trilogy for us consumers to spend three times more money!  So  Ta Da!  Introducing Sephora's Divergent Multi-piece collector's makeup kit!

To me it's all about timing.  Everyone knows the popularity of the Hunger Game and I am thinking that studios want to continue the hype.  Cover Girl started a bit late with their release of the Capitol Beauty Studio Collection.  12 different looks based on the 12 districts of the Hunger Games.  http://www.covergirl.com/catching-fire Well Duh!  Covergirl created new colors of nail polishes, eyeliners and eyshadows to market the Hunger Games Fans.
Sephora is starting early with Divergent. 
What it does: Divergent—what makes you different makes you dangerous. This enormous multi-piece kit allows you to be brave, selfless, intelligent, honest, and kind all at once. Each of the three Eye Shadow Palettes contains four coordinating High Pigment Eye Shadows plus one High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadow to draw immediate attention to the eyes. The High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadows impart a shimmery, diamond-like reflection that is transparent when applied dry, and translucent when applied wet. Mix and match the shades to achieve a unique look every time. The kit also includes a cheek palette with two Long-Wear Blushes, a Shimmering Bronzer, and a Radiant Glow Illuminator. Four High Shine Lip Glosses round out each faction’s look. Use the double-ended eye and cheek brush and the included Get-the-look cards to choose and proclaim your faction.

This Set Contains: (http://www.sephora.com/divergent)
- 12 x 0.059 oz High Pigment Eye Shadows in Burnt Mahogany, Radiant Initiation, Peaceful Shimmer, Humble Sheen, Dauntless Ink, Abnegation Stone, Erudite Sapphire, Serene Vanilla, Bold Espresso, Intrepid Moss, Golden Honesty, Altruistic Almond
- 3 x 0.059 oz High Gloss Transforming Eye Shadows in Choose, Diverge, Transform
- 2 x 0.11 oz. Long-Wear Blush in Obscure Coral, Misty Rose
- 0.11 oz. Shimmering Bronzer in Intelligent Bronze
- 0.11 oz. Radiant Glow Illuminator in Gleaming Pearl
- 4 x 0.13 oz. High-Shine Lip Glosses in Temptation’s Choice, Fear Not, Supreme Ritual, Natural Virtue
- Double-ended eye and cheek brush
- 3 x Get-the-Look cards
The movie comes out March 21st and is currently released as a VIB Rouge exclusive purchase.  Will I get it?  Probably Not.  Though I LOVE the selection of neutral colors and Sephora brand has really great high quality pigmented products.  It retails for $59.50USD  A bit pricey but perfect addition for the Divergent fan!  I am sure it will be on normal release once the movie comes out.  Check out the movie Trailer

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