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Palette Series: LORAC Pro To Go Palette


Palette Name: LORAC Pro To Go Palette ($38USD)
Palettes, palettes, I love me some palettes.  I have posted that  I love having everything in one.  Well welcome to my new Palette Series. I am going to go into my major collection of makeup palettes and test what works and how much one can get done with the amount of products offered. What else is needed to get a complete look? It is travel Friendly? Stays tuned for my palette series and tell me what you think.

LORAC Pro To Go Palette – I knew as soon as I saw it, I wanted it.  I was hoping my husband would get it for me for Christmas so I told him it’s like a transformer.  ( I had to hit the heart of a nerd).  We as usual he didn’t get the hint so it was up to be to look into it.  At first it was hard to come by.  I had to sign up with Sephora to be notified when it was going to be available.  If it was anything like the Pro palette I was going to be impressed.   Sephora sent me an email and I immediately placed my order online.  Now don't mistake this as the other LORAC Pro to Go package that was released as an exclusive from Ulta,  which I don't even think compares to this one.
The LORAC Pro To Go Palette features 3 shimmer and 3 matte eyeshadows, 2 Blushes, a bronzer and 2 brushes. 

Percentage of FACE it covers:
Face (Foundation) - NO
Blush - YES
Eyeshadows(3) - YES
Concealer - NO
Bronzer/ Contour - YES
Eyeliner - YES
Setting powder – YES (touchup for fair to light)
Highligter - YES
Mascara - NO
Lipstick/Lipgloss - NO

The LORAC Pro To Go Palette can cover a whopping sixty percent of my face.  I push it to 60 only due to the palette making the wearer be very very creative. Yea I know I too think it’s weird that the palette with the least amount of product can take care of more of covering the face.  But read on and I will explain.

So let’s start with the less complicated.  The Blushes and bronzer.  These blushes are standard, one matte  that is a very bright pink but looks natural and the other it much lighter with sparkles that one would assume can be used as a highlight but I recommend not to use because it’s more blush color than highlight. It will look like your cheeks are right under your eyes!

The eyeshadows,  6 eyeshadows total, 3 matte, 3 shimmer.  But two shadows that are bigger than the rest?  Interesting.  Why?  Clearly you are to use more of these compared to the rest. Both cream in color, one shimmer one matte.  Both can be used as a highlight for the face and eyes. And for the fair/light skin blogreaties the matte shadow can also be used as a setting touch up.

Lorac eyeshadows are creamy and very pigmented you can create such bold looks or sheer them out into a very sweet subtle look.  The selection of colors, though plain can create all the go to eye looks from minimal to Smokey fierce.  The Four darker shadows can  all be used as liners and brow fillers for some which is a plus for me.
Matte brown (café), matte black(black), shimmery bronze (chai) shimmery dark taupe purple (mink) with the two cream color peal ( shimmer) finally shell (matte)

Yes this palette comes with brushes,  but come on really?!?  They are soo tiny and thin.  It’s like this:
  Travel Friendly? - YES
  Can you double up on products? YES
  Does it include application tools? - YES   Mirror? - NO
  Do you need additional application tools? YES
  Still need to bring:  Foundation/Concealer – mascara – Lipstick/Lipgloss
  Factors of uniqueness:   The minimal products can double or even triple as products. No mix of textures, all powder.
If this palette states that it is "To Go" then their claims are right.  This is so petite and travel friendly that I can comfortably leave this in my car's glove compartment without fear of melting into the dash board.  Think about it since this palette contains nothing but pressed powders a little heat won't effect it.  Yes I know it is not the ideal place to store makeup but hey we are talking about the REAL world here people where I personally don't find myself in places that are at perfect room temperature.  I love this palette it was one of my favorites in my Perfect Palette Tag Post.  It is definitely NOT available at Sephora anymore and Ulta may still have it in store but you can order it online directly from Lorac Below is two looks that I created to show you can play it up or down.  Look 1 is a natural look and of Look 2 is a cat eye sparkle.  Hope you Blogreaties enjoy!

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