Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Skinn Cosmetics - Old Hollywood Look

So Sorry my Blogreaties,  I have totally neglected posting  this month.  Honestly I haven't really had a chance to even put on a full face because i have been so busy at work.  Lately I have been playing with a brand that I am not familiar with, Skinn Cosmetics.  I bought two sets from the brand on and finally received it in the mail. ( Darn Hautelook “hella-long” standard processing and shipping)

Skinn Cosmetics is the beauty brand from creator Dimitri James. Dimitri James is a professional make-up artist whose work has graced the runway and the red carpet as well as national and international television shows and magazines.  He is also the author of Becoming Beauty and Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls. 

Skinn Cosmetics is a brand that claims to have high quality ingredients in their products.  Skinn sells both skin care and makeup.  Looking at this website it is more skin care based rather than makeup. Skinn Website.Yet just looking at the ingredients I automatically see that the eye shadows do not contain TALC.  That is a good sign.  Talc is commonly used in cosmetics as a filler or color additive.  Though it is said that it clogs pores, it does explain a good difference between prices of makeup. 
DEFINITION – Talc: very soft mineral that is a basic silicate of magnesium, has a soapy feel, and is used especially in making talcum powder

When I first opened the packaging I honestly freaked out.  I spent a decent amount of money on a brand that I didn’t know to realize that the packaging reminded me of something that I would pick up from a 99 cent store.  Wah Wah!  Cheap plastic case even some of the shadows popped out if the case.  Thank goodness it didn't break but cheap glue was used to secure the products.  See the picture below,  can you tell which packing is which?  Left is Skinn, right is a very cheap makeup brand.  The palette on the right retails for 10-15 dollars.  The left I will feature on my Palette Series at a later time.  Skinn does claim on their website that it focuses on the quality of the actual products not the packaging.  But really packing is apart of the product, thats my opinion.  All products are said to be ani-aging, anti oxidant
Skinn Cosmetics Three-Piece "BB Your Best" Color Collection

 This Set included:
Absolute Perfection BB Cream - 1.3oz
Luxe Premier Eyshadows - Seduction - 0.4oz
Hollywood Lip Palette - 0.3oz

Absolute Perfection BB Cream -  there was no color labeled on the bottle.  But it was a perfect light medium color for my face.  Did it cover OMG yes.  This was practically a foundation it covered well.  It didn’t  cake onto my face and looks like healthy skin.  This was great. This is not a matte finish and I did use a setting powder on my look.

Luxe Premier Eyeshadows - Seduction: Has 12 eye shadow shades, of all finishes.  The colors honestly are all similar to each other and are neutral browns and creams.  very pigmented not chalky.  but I can do without it the colors didn't offer enough variety to make tons of looks for later.

Hollywood Lip Palette:  All red colors.  Cool and warm reds thats it.  you can mix them together but you will just create another red color.   All have a staining effect and did'nt dry my lips but it's still nothing to go out and get specifically. 
Usually this set can run you up to 80 bucks.  But I got it from Hautelook at a ridiculous discount.  Also the type of BB Cream it came with is the older version.  The newer version has more color selection and a change in formula.  I hope they didn’t change it too much because I love this stuff. The BB is the only thing that impressed me for my first review of Skinn.  The BB gave great coverage and it held up to all the benfits that the calims stated.  But other than that,  I wouldn't go for this set.  It's a great gift for a makeup wearer but honestly it not a gift that a person will remember.  Wah! Wah! For my look, I took the inspiration from the name of the Lip palette "Hollywood" and created an old hollywood look with a cat eye, red lips and a Veronic Lake-like hairstyle to top it off.


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  1. that does look cheap but eh, give it a chance.

    I LOVE that pretty!!