Friday, December 27, 2013

Perfect Palette Tag

Merry Christmas my Blogreaties!  Sorry Vacation makes me turn off my brain.  I can write on the goodwill towards man and all that jazz but lets face it,  if you are reading this then you are like me and you need a good distraction from the festivities.

I am obsessed with makeup palettes. I tend not to gravitate towards the single eye shadows.  Even if I did I would still de-pot them and put it in a Z-Palette.  I think I like the palette only because it cuts out the indecisiveness of makeup for me.  On the average I don’t have the luxury of opening two to three palettes to pr for my look.  Most palettes have all the appropriate colors and textures to create a look for me.  The perfect palette tag is the lastest tag that is going around the YouTube and the beauty community.  I am surprised on others choices, each is very unique. 
DEFINITION – Tag: Identifying names , words or subjects that is used as an easy identifier to make a video or blog post on or to search for on the internet.  Widely used on YouTube.
Well here are mine - comment on your thoughts

Best Packaging - Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
This is the newest palette in my collection - The tin container is sturdy with a magnetic closure that is of course so reminiscent to a classic chocolate bar. Best palette for weight watchers. This is why the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is my best packaging. Read my review in my previous posts.

Most Versatile - Sephora Sculpting Disk

My most versatile Palette is not considered a Palette by the majority. Even Sephora counts it as a disk. Yet if I am in a pinch this is what I depend. What I mean by pinch is being an hour late for an event and all I have is this to put on my make up. The sculpting disk consists of a pearl white (highlight) , a warm toned brown(bronzer/ contour) and a fairly warm pink (blush).The trio of colors doubles as a highlight, contour and warmth of color for both the eyes and face. The white color is slightly pearlescent that is not too much for the face so I don't look shiny yet its perfect for my eyes to highlight the brow bone and my inner eyelid.

Best Color Payoff  - Lorac Pro Palette
This was a hard palette to comeby.  I did not know that Lorac was only available in the JCPenny Sephoras.  The clerk was so rude stating that is was not available and I just strolled into a Ulta and picked up the last one SCORE!  I love this palette because it offers the same number of matte shadows to shimmer shadows.  

Best for Traveling - Lorac Pro To Go Palette
This is exactly the same as the Lorac Pro Palette,  yet this provides the complete face.  One bronzer, two blush ( one matte, one shimmer) Six eyeshadows,  two of which can double as not only a base eyeshadow but can double as face highlightes ( matte and shimmer).  Though the packaging is a bit bulky for travel it does offer everything that I need for travel. I can slip this in a small makeup bag with a travel size mascara and lipstick.

Biggest Regret - Em Cosmetics Life Palette

Ouch, so this one hurts.  If my husband finds out how much I actually spent on this palette he will freak out.  Don't worry my hubby won't hurt me, but my pocketbook sure felt it. At a whopping 79 dollar price tag this palette wins my biggest regret.  The shadows are drugstore quality at a major high end paris pricetag.  I have not heard anything good about this palette since my purchase. I rarely use it because of it's size and it is hard to individually take out each color to transfer to the travel size palette provided. Buyers Beware!

Best Color Names - TheBalm Balm Jovi Palette
TheBalm is one of my most favorite brands.  This balm jovi palette is perfect for both the music and makeup lover. Check out the packaging, cute huh?  Now the names.  The names are based on music bands, Alice Copper, REM, the Strokes.  I can see the correlation.  It's cute!

Least Used - Tarte Carried Away Collector set (the palette)

Most Used - Lorac Femme Fatal Palette
I purchased this palette from Hautelook (  I always think it's weird that Lorac releases these small palette that are not readily available at stores.  But I love this small petite palette.  It has all the colors that i love using.  The provided brush is the perfect ratio of soft and stiff.  I don't have to switch out the brushes to create looks.  I see I am hitting pan.  Bummer because I can't find this anywhere.

Most Loved - TheBalm Nude-tude Palette

This is my most loved palette I think its for sentimental reasons. This was the first high end palette from one of my most favorite brand. The design is thin and sleek for travel and provides a large enough mirror to do your entire face. This is the one palette that I know of that offers both a naughty and nice version. Also, yes if you are wondering I do have both versions. The color payout is exceptional and in my personal opinion beats out the rest of the nude palettes.

Desert Island - Sephora smokey eye Collection
This was a redundant catagory so i picked this one.  This palette offers so many color combinations with many finishes.  It has a big huge mirror and opens up to offer pop outs that can be popped into the provided travel friendly palette. So I gues if I had to scavage for supplies i can take the palette and look goo while doing it.
Lorac wins in this tag with 3 palettes and thebalm placing second with two palettes.  I am sure these choices will change next year.  Especially with the new additions to my collection like the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and everything that could possibly come in 2014.  So blogreaties I hope you had a great Christmas.  I didn't get anything to write on a great Christmas haul, but I did take advantage of some great sales for the after christmas sales online so I will post on those when they arrive.

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  1. I have been seeing a lot of promotion for that EM Cosmetics palette yet I have to see any reviews (yours being the exception) about it which leads me to believe not many cared for it. Personally, the price and shape/layout of the whole thing is a turn off for me. It's more bulk than thanks!