Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Evil person inside fueling this blog

Okay so this blog thing,  it's alot of work!  Believe me I would love to spend all day playing with makeup and writing about my discoveries.  But do I really need a nitch?  A "nitch"  that thing that sets me apart from everyone elses blog.  I don't have terrible skin and struggle to feel beautiful on the outside like turned model Cassandra Bankson.  My outlook is quite not so positive with sunshine and unicorns like Michelle Phan.  Yet I am not a bad ass rocka billy chick with great tats like Kat von D.

I am a very very average girl.  You know what,  if you think about it, we average people have to deal with a silent struggle,  the internal struggle with ourselves to tip the balance of life's path.  Is a life with no struggle and constant happiness better than that of a life with struggles that finds clarity in dealing with the struggles?  My mind is blah at the end of the day thanks to all the thoughts that run through my head.

Getting chewed out by customers, having a boss with no back bone that will back down and give these rude customer anything they want if they cry loud enough.  It will get to you.  I suppress evil thoughts and made up curses each day that passes where I stay quiet in my corner.  If I don't say anything out loud does that make me a bad person.  It kind of reminds me of the philosophy "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" 

I feel better if I know that someone has the same thoughts I do.  I feel guilty that I coaxed it out of them as if I corrupted them in some way.  Its the perks of an ordinary day.  I think that is why we have gossip and why Facebook is so popular.  The average person is just trying to shake some thing up from the monotony. 

I think thats why I have this blog.  My life is just so "eh".  Loving husband but it can't be passionate 24/7.  How can I shake things up that is my own.  Makeup.  Makeup for me is art, health and science wrapped all together.  I am facinated that there are so many options that you can change in a moments notice.  You can't do that with hair.  I can change the color of my face make it look round or slim, make my lips pink, red or purple with a simple swipe of my wrist. 

Makeup is magic.  Who doesn't love magic?

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