Monday, January 13, 2014

Spring 2014 Trends

Blogreaties,  it's the New Year and I have already stopped thinking of resolutions that i probably would have not worked on anyway.  But hey,  here is to atleast having positive thoughts that are slowly becoming cynical as each day passes. 

Anywho,  new season, means new looks!  So i am going through pages and pages of websites and blogs to get a good general idea on what is actually wearable by the general public.

My forecast for Spring 2014 are bright and natural.  It maybe the popularity of HBO Game of Thrones or CW Reign but princess, ethereal back to nature seems to be the look to create.

For hair,  I am seeing hair away from the face.  Hair is soft, slicked back against the face or in a ponytail, bun or braid.  For the long hair, waves are still in season.  For the short hair,  I found choppy, fringe bobs.



Thank goodness I didn't see anything too extreme in makeup looks.  For someone like me who is still learning I don't need to gravitate to youtube to watch how to videos. 

Eyeshadow - Simple application with a single bright color is what I see.  Blue, green, bright pink and pastels are the colors of spring for the season.  Yes I count Sephora/Pantone Universe color of the year "Radiant Orchid" as bright pink or magenta.

Lips - The color scheme is berry, nude and for some reason ORANGE. I am comfortable with the berry and nude but orange?  It was already hard enough to find a red shade that flatters me.  I assume that I have to find the right orange.  Sheesh! For the look you see I actually went a little McGyver and mixed my yellow and red eyeshadow, applied it on my lips and applied lip gloss to set.  Just an idea if you want to experiment without buying.


Skin - Flawless, Dewy and Bright.  Blush is subtle to make it look glowy and flushed. Man I need to get a handle of my skin for this.  Good luck on this part blogreaties.  My current favorites to achieve this look is Urban Decay Naked Skin (High End) and L'Oreal Lumi Foundation ( Drugstore)

Liner  (See Example below)- Cat eye Liner is still big (Thank gawd,  I haven't perfected that yet) Inky liner is a thing for the Spring.  Use a kohl liner and line top and bottom, then smudge it,  yes it looks like you slept with liner still on!  (thats the look)  Finally drawn line shaped eyeliner it's cleopatra being more creative.
So I put everything together and created these looks.  i wish you luck and send me your looks on instagram @angelpacific #Spring2014Trends  #Spring2014eyes


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