Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wear Glasses and Makeup

 I am as blind as a bat.  I use contact lenses and glasses.  I have worn glasses since the forth grade.  My mom always tells me I wanted so much to be like my family and wear glasses to match them.  (Yea, thanks mom,  like I am not regretting that decision now) I also wear contacts and have been wearing soft lenses since tenth grade,  it boosted my confidence and help get more of the boys attention.  Now that I am thirty and married, I am more confortable with myself and say screw it I don't feel like putting on my contacts today.

Putting on makeup when i can see with contacts is already hard enough to make me look polished.  Yet have you tried putting on makeup when you are wearing glasses?  not so easy.  Also you will be surprised on what i change so my eyemakeup can be seen through half a millimeter of lense.  So this is what I do and I will put helpful tips.  So don't judge me,  I told you I am as blind as a bat so don't be surprised if i have to slap my face against a mirror to apply my eyeliner.

You will actually need to wear more eyemakeup then normal.  Well what do we sometimes call glasses. . . FRAMES!  And what is the purpose of frames. A frame surrounds and supports a stucture or focal point, our eyes.  So to make the eyes stand out more past the frames and make them pop you need to wear more.

It is best to stick to light warm nuetral colors of eyeshadows.  i know that last tip was to wear more makeup than the usual.  But think about it. Some people have strong perscriptions that can look like it magnifies your eyes making them bigger.  So If glasses magnifies your eyes what else get magnified,  your undereye bag and dark circles.  Eww.  Bright cool colors can accentuate the dark undertones under the eyes.

Your makeup really depends on your own style of glasses.  A picture can totally change with the frame.  Why wouldn't your makeup be any different.  Thick frames means thick eyeliner.  test it.

I would forgo the fake eyelashes here.  Now this is a ongoing debate between makeup wearers and eye glass wearers.  My personal opinion is that any upper lash accentuating products (i.e. mascara and/or lashes) will only get crushed by my glasses or rub up against the lenses.   My eyeliner and titgtlining with give the appearance of lases without having to put anything on them. I mentioned upper lashes but I am all for lower.  Why not?!  the lower lashes doesn't get enough love.

Don't neglect the rest of the face.  I don't know about you but when i wear my glasses I tend to get really oily, not only around the t-zone but everything that falls behind my frames.  My eyelides, undereyes and the bridge of my nose becomes an oil slick.   My remedy,  primer and mineral makeup.  Mineral makeup is a natural oil absorber. I coat that on my face targeting the area where the lower brim of the glasses tough my face.  Also since glasses can accentuate dark undereyes,  an eye brightening concealer is a must.

I highly reccomend to play and experiment with your glasses.  Also lucky you if you can still see well enough to put on your makeup without them.  You might do everything opposite of what is written here.  To each their own,  I myself try to push the boundaries.  I would love to see what you come up with. instgram your look at #glasseswithmakeup

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