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Briefly writing on my experience was nice but i know what all makeup lovers want MAKEUP!  "What did you get?"  I just calmly said, "surprisingly not much."  I went to IMATS with a list that I was going to follow and I did. I only picked up a few items that strayed from my list.  But here is my haul!

Nigel's Beauty Emporium - Read my experience in my previous post.  Attitude aside,  this place was where I planned to get most of my stuff. and dropped at least a hundred and there was suppose to be discounts but they quoted me regular price. WTF Nigel's Beauty Emporium,  I will find other places to spent my mony. So for the next two pics you will see I spent 140 bucks. :( I got two Le Maq Pro Fard Creme Palettes.  These are waxed based creams to blend beautifully  on skin for television and film.  I got a flesh toned and basic color palette who's slim design is suppose to be travel friendly.
I love Kevyn Aucoin -  Especially their Sensual Skin Enhancer.  Experts use ut as a concealor or sheer it out for a full coverage foundation.  This stuff is oil based which is moisturizing but melts off on oily t-zones.

Bad ass Stensils - I got these at a discount for 4 bucks.  Who wouldn't want leopard spots air brushed on their body.

Velor Mink Lashes  - I got these for 20 bucks each usual retail price is 30 - 50 dollars so I got a deal there.  Wow so that what the good stuff feel like!
 Face atelier -  Okay so this place had their regular makeup that we have all seen.  Of course their's is suppose to be the best blah blah.  But I picked up an item that you normal don't see. Transformiong gel.  This stuff enhances the color of your pigments and eyeshadows.  You know I love products that has multiple uses.  I can use this stuff to set my brows, use it as a eyeliner and make my dull eyeshadows pop.  Though the sales girl was rude as hell she did offer an interesting product.  Oh mention too,  regularly it retails at $26 dollars on the website but they quoted me 20 and slapped on a more than 9% sales tax making it 22 dollars with some change.  :(

Red Cherry Lashes #43 - I got this at an obscure table that I don't recall the name I got these for 20 dollars for the bulk.
Dose of Colors - This table was crowded i didn't know if the Anastasia line was also meshed in.  But I follow #doseofcolors on instagram and I was always fascinated by the color payout of thei lip products.  I went bold and picked up their purple fusion lip gloss that technically doesn't look so bad with flash photography.  I saw I picked and paid,  the process was fast.  So fast my friend Annette didn't even open the stabursts and jolly ranchers they had on the table.  I picked up these two products for 25.
Cinema Secrets - I have always loved Cinema Secrets.  Their Ultra Creme Foundations offer a long line of different color ranges.  Their foundation fills in my pores and blanks out my canvas face and still look natual and can be made long lasting with setting powder.  Love Love Love.  Also this is the ONLY foundation that matches my skin tone perfectly without have to darken or lighten with highlight or bronzer.  So my goal was get the bigger version of my color CS 603-21.  i got it for 20 bucks ( no tax charged here) :)
Skindinavia -  This was an impulse buy.  I didn't like that smaller unknown vendors were smashed into larger vendors.  My money and attention was was divided, sometimes between three people.  I picked this up at the Alcone Table.  I never had a skindinavia product though I know that they are the ones who do the popular Urban Decay setting spray.  I wish I had to chance to ask,  but the woman was in sales mode so she kept spraying and showing me bottles.  If I picked up the big bottle she threw in a sample size of their newest mattifying primer spray. ( Set to come out in FULL Size this year) Free products will get me every time.

Chella  -  Awe I did't feel bad.  No one was at their table everyone wanted to actually wait hours to go to the Anastasia table.  But in my previous post I said that they are simple and that is what I liked.  I knew that they were there as a late add to IMATS and I hopefully made them feel better that I told them that I like them better than Anatasia.  So I just picked up a light brown pencil and clear gel.  Each retails for 18 dollars each.  But together that give it to me for 20.
So Blogreaties that is my haul.  Doing this haul actually made me go through what was bought and how much I spent which was a ballpark  total figure of 286 dollars!  It turns out that Nigels didn't give a discount like I hoped to, and some charged sale tax.  I guess I was too nice and naive to make a scene to get the discounts that were advertised.  IMATS was so big I guess I didn't realize the amount of money that I was passing.  I don't mean that I straight gave the wrong amount that was asked of me, but that I wasn't thinking that hey I am getting so some much did you really think of the price of each item to see if its at discount?
  For those that are going to the other ones, BE AWARE!  Just like a responsible spender,  check your receipt.  Take the time and ignore the vendors and people waiting in line to go over the products you are purchasing.  It really is good customer service.
Thanks to many good vendors I will now look into their products and probably become frequent buyer, like Dose of Colors, Chella and bad ass Stencils. Yet to the bad, I know that my small little blog and pocket book it not even a drop in the bucket to the kind of sale you all do but I will definitely look into better alternatives. Thumbs down to Nigel's Beauty Emporium and Face Atelier.
 Imats was a great day that I encourage every makeup lover to experience.  I don't feel as bad because being screwed was an experience in itself.  It is not often where I will be in a physical place that offers many different brands that cannot be readily found at store.  But there is always next time.  Maybe now i might look into other,  maybe smaller shows that will help get my feet wet.  Annette (one of my Imat entourage friends) told me that there was a international salon and spa expo in Long Beach.
So keep reading blogreaties,  I should really do individual reviews on the products and give you my straight opinion.   I haven't been able to play with my makeup as much as I wanted to.  Maria and I got sick right after IMATS  and myself, Maria and Annette started work from the winter break that next Tuesday, It took alot out of me to test stuff and post.  But it's 2014 and will keep the momentum  going wish me luck.  

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