Friday, January 10, 2014

Sephora No Longer carrys LORAC

 A sad thing to hear on the grapevine, when makeup is either discontinued or no longer offered.   I love any gossip like anyone, but this one is true, Sephora will no longer carry the LORAC brand.  The past few years I was only able to find Lorac at the JC Penny Sephora stores and even that offered very little.  Lorac joins other high end brands  like TheBalm and Cargo that were also cut from the Sephora lineup in previous years.

So I freaked out!  In my perfect palette tag on a previous post,  I bragged that Lorac was the winner in having the most palettes from the line.  Lorac eyshadows are soft and very pigmented.  I have never regretted any of my purchases having at least five palettes from the line.

yet I bring good news my blogreaties,  Lorac along with the other disgarded brands mentioned will now be sold at KOHLS.  Kohls,  is an american department store that pop up in California in the late ninties, early 2000's.  I have always looked at their beauty counter (tiny section!) but never made any purchases. I don't see anything at the stores by my home, yet.  I am hoping that they will renovate and improve their Beauty space.

Though it may not be in the physical stores I am glad that they offer it online.  The prices are not the discount ones you may find on some websites like Hautelook,  but for me I feel more at peace knowing that it is offered somewhere. 

I will go check with Sephora to what brand will replace Lorac.  Also I might investigate further on what other brands might be on the chopping block.  You might still see Lorac products at your local sephora but marked down to clearance.  So I recommend to scoop up as much as possible especially at the discount price while you still can.  Once Sephora is out of stock they are out!  Check it out!

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