Sunday, January 26, 2014

Back From IMATS LA

Holy freakin "A" is all I can say about my experience at IMATS!  It was awesome!!!  No regrets whatsoever. I am so glad that I came prepared. 

 It was so hard to go to sleep the night before.  I had to go to dinner with the inlaws.  As you can see I put HAD TO which at this point was so pointless to be there I could have been catching up on sleep. If I knew that I was going to be up for almost 24 hours straight the next day I would have convince my husband to stay home,

I did wake up at 1:45 in the morning to prepare my day.  It was 15 minutes before the alarm went off.  But I wasn't going to go back to sleep.  Maria and Annette picked me up at 3:30 and we were off to IMATS.  We arrived there t 5:45am and drove past the venue to see if there was a line.  At that time there wasn't.  So we ended up getting something to eat at the nearby IHOPS.  More people started trickling in and we can tell that they were all here for IMATS.  Only by the amount of makeup they had on and the fact that they were dressed to the "nines".  Once we saw that we though we would make out way to the convention center.

Boy were we right.  It was before 6:30am when we back to the convention center and a line had already formed.  The line was already around the bhjkuinboYg.  ( Damn I though we bnbmnb were early too)  But everybody was in great spirits and we allso created a bit of camaraderie against the woman line usher who actually thought that we would stand for two hours in a single file line. (oh you should have heard our sarcastic comments then)
While waiting in line it felt like I was waiting for a roller coaster.  But thinking back now the whole experience was a roller coaster.  We were so jazzed when the line started moving.  The IMATS front counter took the whole line that was separeted between regualar and pro.  Honestly initially beween a pro not pro didn't really make that musch of a difference.  There was only one pro card carrying lady waiting with us and for the day I noticed that she was only little  ahead of the line at booths compared to the non pros.

Dont worry i did behave really the ones that rubbed/me the wrong way were some of the vendors.  My top 3 "F" You's go to the Nigel's Beauty Emporium, Face Atelier and Ardell Lashes.  Their attitude were too high and mighty for being glorified warehouse workers.  If you weren't a pro or you made them move or think you got their bitch face along with attitude.
Nigel's Beauty Emporium is online for a reason besides the great selection of both drugstore and high end brands i surpassed the cheapy grab and go dollar item table and came with a list of high end professional makeup that I was told was going to be at discount.  the intial counter man was very nice very lost but nice.  My list seemed to intimate him (not my fault) but the next series of event lead me to the conclusion that these mother F - ers were dumbasses..  My big order remained behind the register untouched for five customers ahead of me forcing me to say "Excuse me, can you ring up my order"  Imagine the rolling of the eyes from at least 3 people behind the counter.
  My friend Annette was happy to find that chinese glaze had a sale of 8 bottles for 20 dollars at the Ardell table.  Once again rolling of the eyes when she asked for boxes.  Shit do your job.
Face atelier all I can say to them is "Bitch do your research"  I did and Ineeded an answer.  Face Atelier and Makeup Atelier is there a difference?  The chick at the counter had no idea what I was talking about.  Yes I know whatyou are thinking  "I have never heard of it either?"    Blogreaties look up Wayne Goss on YouTube.  He swears by that brand.  I have a sample a sample of their waterproof gel foundation and that stuffis awesome.  I will post on that later .  But Makeup Atelier is a very high end brand makeup that is sold in France.  So I would assume someone working in a company called Face atelier would have atleast heard of Face Atelier.

Planning was a must!  My friends and I scattered as soon as we hit the room.  Good thing we did I stopped at all the table to buy the items on my list.  I was done within the first half hour.  After that I strolled around looking for my friends and anything that sprked my interest.  I did see some cool things but sadly the pushing sales pitch of some vendors wasa major turn off from a sale by me.
  I talked about the bad but lets end with the good.  There were some great table though.  Chella,  a small online brand that I was introduced by my ipsy bag.  The line for anastasia was so long it ran right in front of Chella.  Chella specializes in brows too.  But I think I think their stuff because their products are simple and straight to the point.  That I dont necessarily need a whole kit for my brows.  They were very nice.

I met people there I got to take a pic with famous special effects makeup artist Frank Ippolito.  He was a contestant on SyFy's Face Off.  Finally after this one moment I was done with IMATS my mission was done.  I got to run into my #1 Beauty Guru.  Emily Eddington,  also known as EmilyNoel83/Beauty Broadcast.  Thank gawd she brought her husband because I wouldn't have seen her.  He's 6',6" and stuck out like a sore thumb!  Man did I act like such a fan girl "Oh my gosh I love you.  I watch all your videos!"
So I dunno if I will go year after year I loved going and I loved shopping but with my online skills and small pocket book I think I could stay home.  But If I was a little more professioinal and If this turns out to be something I will go back as a makeup professional.  Stay tuned for my haul.

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