Thursday, January 9, 2014

IMATS 2014 Update

Less then 9 days to go before IMATS!  I hate that I can't focas on it as much as I hoped to. (stupid work, grr!)  But I have been on many blog and forums to get some very helpful tips to make my experience a memorable one.

What do i wear? -  Tip - Do not wear white or even light colors,  it will be stained.  Totally makes sense.  I hear IMATS is crowded especially aroung the makeup tables.  Who knows who is going to be the clumsy one.   That new MAC color may look great on your lips but not on your cute white jeans.  (Shout out to my friend Maria sporting MAC's Hautecore Lipstick in matte black,

Why do I care what I look like at IMATS?  Do I really want to look like plain jane screaming for a makeup makeover in the middle of semi to pro makeup people?  So I would like to be ninja mode or atleast look like I know what I am doing.  I would still like to meet up with the girls to figure out what to wear.  Be comfortable, but practical what does that leave me for this size 14 short girl.  Um dunno.  So I am a sweater girl, which I think is just a graduated look from my old college sweater.  So I may sport some jeggings with a tank and an oversized sweater.  I would love to wear a nice burgundy one.  ( I have always liked that color on me)  But I don't have one.

Tip - Wear Comfortable shoes. - I bet I am going to be on my feet all day. ALL DAY! but shoes are the finishing touch to an outfit.  What are my comfortable shoes? My sneakers!  But If I wear sneakers with what I have in mind I will look like a chicken (big bottom skinny legs).  Boots!  I want to wear boots.  My cowboy boots are comfortable but if I am retaining water then my feet swell up like ballpark franks.  I am hoping for my flat tall brown boots,  but I am going to need some extra cushion for the time of standing in lines (Note look into Foot Pads!)

Should I bring a purse? Tip - Bring a bag to keep your hands free.  I know that IMATS will provide a bag for you but I assume it will be a standard promotional plastic bag with handles,  helpful but not for my practical self.  I have a faux soft leather crossbody 15"x 20"purse. Its soft so it can either expand for a bunch of products or be squished by crowds. Also since it crosses over the body it will secure near my body plus leave my hands free.

What should I bring with me? -  Tip - Bring Cash, Makeup Wipes and non perishable snacks.  Cash, I hear is just helpful.  It's the fastest and most functional way to pay for your many purchases.  I heard that there can be a complete separate line just to pay for your goodies with plastic ( i.e. debit or credit card.)  Makeup wipes was a very creative tip.  I know I am going to want to swatch all the products on my hand.  A good go to makeup wipe can clear an entire line of product swatching in one wipe.  Snacks!  though I an going to be too excited to eat I have to remember to maintain a positive attitude by keeping up my blood sugar levels.  I will stash a few of my favorite protein bars  in the purse.  Maybe my friends will want one.

So thats it for right now.  Hopefully I can do one last check in before the big day.  Stay tuned in.

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  1. Aaahhhh soooo excited! What to wear, what make up look to use!!