Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Coming Soon New from Urban Decay

Happy New Year!

Its a new year and what the best way to celebrate a new year.  A NEW product! In my previous post i reviewed my newest purchase from urbandecay.com and they added a secret exclusive sample of their newest product.  Wanna know what it is?

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss!  Yes, my blogreaties they are adding yet another item to their naked line.  I have some of their naked products that are very good quality.  I think Urban Decay just wants to ride that naked palette wave as much as they can.  As usual Urban Decay claims that it is like no lipgloss that I have ever tried.  Really?!?  It is suppose to be natural and the most hydrating gloss on the market.

Urban Decay:
   We laced Naked Lipgloss with Hyaluronic Filling Spheres (What is that?) vitamin E, Avocado oil and shea butter to hydrate and condition lips, then added rosehip seed oil for an extra hit of vitamins.  just wait until you see what it does for your lips (aside from making them dangerously kissable). 

It is nice.  The color they sampled me is called what else "Naked" a nude pink with pearly shift.  (Whatever that means)  It gives a nice natural color to my lips,  but clearly very glossy.  The formula is very sticky to me.  The smell is nothing to write about. I smell a slight hint of mint but other then that its a typical sweet plastic smell.

As for moisture it does its job.  If I was in a pinch and I din't have a lip gloss, lipstick or lipblam,  this will take care of all of that.   Though it is sticky it does balnace my lips back to a healthy moistures leaving my lips very soft even when I wipe it off.   For the spring season I predict that the nude lip is going to come back and put the vampy lip back in the drawer.  Its a great product that does triple duty and you know I love products that have multiple uses.  So If you are looking for a natural glossy lip product that will give you a bit a color then i suggest this.  If Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss is any way as popular as the new Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette then I suggest you pick a color to match with your new eye look.  Good luck1

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  1. I'm glad i'm not a fan of glosses or this would be something else to purchase haha