Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sephora Haul


It’s here! It’s here!  Previously I mentioned two things the 20 dollar gift card from Sephora and the search for the Naked 3 Palette.  Well I killed two birds with one stone as the saying goes and I used the gift card on the Naked 3 Palette!  Finally it’s here.  Of course I can never get just one product from Sephora.  This is a haul.  
Besides the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette,  I picked up the Jack Black "It's the Balm" Lip balm quad and the Bite Beauty "The Lip Kit.  I will tell you all about it.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette - Okay i know us makeup junkies have already seen all the swatches and video reviews from all of our makeup gurus on this product.  So yes I did give in and bought the palette,  yes I am weak.  But I have to admit I really do like it.  I would say the reviews were right,  if you like rosy gold combination eye looks you will love this.  I am, so i do.  I thought that this would have a rose matte color for blending but it doesn't.  But I will just end with that I have it and I will probably  look into repurchasing the orignal Naked Palette.  Only due to my slight OCD in me that I would prefer to have a complete set.  People don't give away your stuff without talking it over first.

Bite Beauty "The Lip Kit"  (38.00 USD)- I love Bite Beauty lipsticks.  I first fell in love with Bite at Sephora's little small last minute travel section near the cash register.  i bought their single dual color stick.  Loved it.  So i picked up "The Lip Kit"  that has various shades for every lip color taste.  I liked it beause their shades are wearable for someone liek me who like nuetral subtle shades.  For the 38 dollar price tag you would asssume that a bit pricey.  But think about it 38 bucks for eight lip sticks, thats 4.75 a color.  That is cheaper then most drugstore lipsticks.  I don't even count the finish as matte either but not glossy either.  These are so hydrating and these made my lips so soft even after wiping off the colors eight times in a row to take these pics.

Row1Left to Right (Rose, Palomino) Row2 (Mulberry, Retsina)Row3 (Pomegranate, Musk) Row4 (Pepper, Apricot)

Jack Black "its the Balm" Lip Quad -  Can you belive this is actually the second time and second edition of this line?  I love this stuff.  I originally picked this up for my husband bacause he had real bad cracked lips.  It was so bad that sometimes it would bleed, eww.  So i picked up the fist exclusive from Sephora last year fell in love with the flavors and blends that I had to pick up the second edition.  I know what you are thinking, its a freakin lip balm, spending 7 bucks a tube is pointless, right?  So worth it people.  The blends or "flavors" are more appetizing and natural then the typical chapsticks and blams that one would usually use.  It's really hard to explain but its very different.


  1. I love my Naked Palette 3 as well, I have used it twice and have yet to have it a week!

    1. Yea we're such makeup whores! So glad we can enjoy this on the dark side! Bwah ha ha ha !