Tuesday, December 17, 2013

EmCosmetics Haul

Did you "blogreaties" take advantage of the discount deal on EmCosmetics? (emcosmetics.com)  I took full advantage, spend 100 get 50 off.  Yes,  Tis the season everyone has made deals on makeup.
EmCosmetics is the brain brand of YouTube Beauty Guru, Michelle Phan.  The makeup line is manufactured by L'Oreal and the reviews from the community are split.  I have to admit there are some gems of the line but continue reading and form your thoughts before I type mine.

I picked up multiple things from eyeliners, lipsticks, concealer and the iconic "Life Palette"  I bought the life palette when EmCosmetics first came out in April? (I have to check that.)  I was surprised that I received it before the beauty gurus reviewed it.  Michelle Phan has a great heart and is extremely creative so I didn't hesitate to purchase when her makeup came out. 
I love the lipsticks and eyeliners.  The lipsticks regardless the name are so pigmented with highly pleasing shades that can be worn by so many people.  The formula is not sticky even their "matte" formula is not drying at all.  I would definitely recommend them.
EmCosmetics eyeliners are fabulous and I like these eyeliners better than the Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner.  Both are very creamy and can be easily smudged for a smokey effect.  Yet the Em liners beat out the too faced in staying power.  Love love love!  These are perfect in the waterline and as a upper and lower liner.
 Next is the "Great Cover up" ultimate concealor.  michelle Phan uses this in most of her videos to conceal her undereyes and blemishes.  I got the concealer in Medium Warm and it is very orange.  I suppose it will work for undereye circles but I realized that I must use this stuff sparingly or i will turn into a ompa loompa.

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Below is the "Life Palette" in Day.  The palette is the most neutral palette that i thought would benefit me the most.  Color payout? 50/50  The concept was great, the execution and quality needs to go back to the labs.    I would avoid the "Life Palette"  especially with a pricetag of a whopping 79 dollars.  Yikes.  Whoa stay tuned for my Perfect Palette Tag because this will be the one I regret.

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