Thursday, December 19, 2013

ItsJudyTime Palette

It came!  It came!  It finally came!   I am talking about BH Cosmetics “Its Judy Time” Palette.  I felt like a stalker and kept checking the website when the palette was going to be available.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, keep reading.
tsJudyTime is a beauty channel on YouTube, created and starring Judy Travis. She is another one of my Beauty Gurus that I like to zone out to daily.   She also has a vlog channel called “ItsJudysLife” that she shares her daily life with her husband Benji and 1 yr. old Baby Julianna.   There’s more!  She is currently pregnant with twins and with that she started another channel called “ItsMommysLife”  I don’t watch the mommy one because I am nowhere close to being a mommy, but the other channels I watch daily, even my husband listens in.

DEFINITION - Vlog: a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form.


So with all that she has,  she still finds the time to join BH Cosmetics and create this palette. BH Cosmetics partnered with not only “ItsJudyTime” but also “ThatsHeart” and had them create their signature looks with customized palettes.

The majority of the colors are warm browns which is my favorite, yet offers 3 cool colors of purples and blues that is also it's only pop of color.

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The look I posted was the very first time playing with the palette.  I am still learning how to put on enough makeup to stand out on camera so it doesn't look so natural looking.  Still working on it.  The shadows are very opaque with not much fall out. 
I do have a few criticisms on the palette though.  I wish it offered two light colors one matte and one shimmer for the brow bone. Though I like the gold and copper they are a little bit too similar when I try to blend them together.  I can already tell what colors I am going to use the most so I am really trying to learn to create looks of shades that I don’t normally gravitate to.

Other than that I highly recommend this palette especially to those who are still learning.  ItsJudyTime has been posting looks using her palette that is not only very helpful but inspiring to create your own.  The palette is currently going for 14.95 which is a 5% discount.  It limits you to one per customer and is going quickly.  Check it out ( )

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