Friday, December 20, 2013

IMATS 2014

I'm going to IMATS Los Angeles 2014 Blogreaties!

I am so excited!  I would like to say it’s an early Christmas present from my husband,  But what is more surprising is that he also got my friends tickets too! (Awwweee that is so sweet)  I think it’s just so he doesn’t have to go with me.  Thank goodness my friends are as obsessed for makeup as I am.  @booknutdc and @ Maria MTz are awesome people and I can’t wait to wait in lines with them.


Check out my friend, Maria’s blog (  She writes about life and makeup too.  She is one of the edgiest people I know with an awesome bitchy attitude but the sweetest heart.
I have never been to IMATS before so as soon as I found out that we purchased tickets I turned on my crazy research mode and went to  the internet.  The first thing I did learn is, do your research so you can utilize the most from your IMATS experience.    I intend to.
So what is IMATS exactly? I-M-A-T-S stands for International Makeup Artist Trade Show.  IMATS is the make-up world’s biggest gathering. Thousands of make-up artists, vendors and enthusiasts discuss display and collect the best the industry has to offer. Make-up pros from fashion and film provide education and demonstrations at IMATS, and new products often debut there. Makeup everywhere, can you believe it!
The IMATS website has the list of exhibitors that will have a table available to display and sell their products.  Where do I start?  Okay I must  properly think this through so I don’t waste my time on tables that I 100% know that I either  Number one;  I can find at a store or online and Number two; find cheaper!

So where does that leave me?  It leaves me the brands and stores that are either only online and the products that you can’t find online.  My two brands that I will definitely look into Kryolan and Cinema Secrets.
Kryolan is a German based makeup company that specializes in makeup meant for TV/Film and Photography.  I found this brand during my wedding makeup research.  I wanted a foundation that was full coverage and looked fabulous in photos.  This stuff met my expectations. 
Cinema Secrets is another professional makeup brand that is used for TV/ film and photography.   i fell in love with this foundation because it was the only foundation that perfectly matched my freaky  dunno if pink or yellow neutral skintone.
I know what you are thinking,  but i know numerous of websites, you can get this makeup.  yea I know but can you explain the color selections of these products?  Do you trust your monitor on the accuracy of a foundation.  I don't but i still try and at times fail miserably. 
But that is one of the reason that I cant wait to go! I will get to see these brands face to face and get advice and instruction from the experts achieve get expert results.    I will keep you posted on my progress of research.  I am such a makeup nerd.
So i have the brands i want to look into more at IMATS.  Now I will look into the general beauty supply stores that will be there.  No Sephora or Ulta there, blogreaties.  I will check out their websight to see if i can find some hidden gems and add it to my wishlist.



  1. I cannot wait! You and your husband are so sweet, I still can't believe he got us our tickets, eeep!! Thanks for the shout stuff coming in the next couple of hours :D We totally need to do a mash up of sorts with something we have the same of or one does a day and the other night look...etc. ;)

  2. Yay! I'm so psyched for it! Keep up the good blogging!