Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Feelin’ Sick and I look it too.

Yay the cold and flu season!  I work in an office so I am bound to get what is going around eventually.  But I won’t call sick.  I am currently counting 7 more working days until I am off for Christmas. I think I can pull through that.
  But I feel horrible and worse I LOOK horrible to.  My skin is dry but happily not flaky.  I currently have no breakouts and I can feel my eyes drooping.  I don’t have the strength or motivation to put on full face.  Thank goodness I have a few products at my desk to make me look more alive.
I learned long ago that I needed at least a few makeup products at my desk for emergency.  I don’t know how many times I had an important meeting and my makeup from that morning needed a major touchup, or when I had a date with a super-hot guy (When I was Single) and the only time available was right after work and that happen to be the day when I wanted to go plain.
Through my journey of the makeup world I have acquired a few products at my desk.  This is the time when I needed it.



Here is what I used.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream (020 Light Medium) – Honestly I don’t like this stuff.  This lacks in all the areas it claims to improve.  This BB cream doesn’t  have much coverage and doesn’t moisturize enough to make a difference.  I kept this  because I do like the size and the container,  it is perfect for travel and on the go.  So I threw it in my desk drawer.
ELF lifting Concealer ( Light)  This stuff is not bad at all.  This is thicker than the BB Cream and does its job to cover dark circles and brighten the eyes.
Clinique Stay Matte Sheer pressed powder (03 Stay beige) - This is the only product that I took from my purse.  I used this to set my face.  I also used this to blend, give my face more coverage and even the color.
ELF Contouring Blush/ Bronzing powder – My cheap God send.  This is perfect for my situation.  The compact is slim and sleek with a huge mirror that I used to put apply all of my makeup.  I used the blush for flushed cheeks.  I used the perfect matte bronzer to add warmth and to contour.
Sephora Double Ended Eyeliner Waterproof (Black/Brown) -  This is a must and my “got to always have” if I only needed one product.  This tripled as my eyeliner, brow filler and mascara.  Lined the top with black and lined the bottom out corners  with brown to make my eyes bigger.  I tightlined my upper lid to make it look like I have thicker lashes.  And used the brown to fill my brows.
DEFINITION - Tightline: Tightlining your eyes is a great way to add a subtle definition to your eyes. Instead of lining the skin above your lashes, you line between the lash line.

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Lip Balm (Berry Soft) -  I love balms that give a slight healthy color to the lips.  Moisturizing is okay.  I have better stuff to actually hydrate, but in a pinch it’s perfect.

So the final look is not glamorous, it’s not even pretty but I don’t look pathetic anymore.  I have a few more products that I keep in my desk to make different looks.

Eye Shadow palettes:  Jessie's Girl Eye Color Collection ( @ RiteAid)  Though it has alot of fall out this has the perfect amount of color I like to create look with the next palette.  Sephora Event Entry Palette ( Still available @ Sephora 11 bucks)  perfect matte and shimmer neutrals to create anything.  Sephora's Stuff can really match the big boys in quality.  I am impressed. :)
Mascara and Brushes:  Benefit "They're Real" mascara ( travel size)  I love this stuff haven't picked up the Full size yet only because I have so many travel ones.  The brushes are the cheapys ELF and drugstore but they work if you are creative.


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