Friday, December 6, 2013

What is Your Skin Type?

What am I? I dunno. Figuring out my skin type and finding the right blend of products for that type feels like finding the perfect man. Yes, I know it doesn't exist.  But like finding the perfect man I don’t want to be picky. Yet I would like to settle down eventually and buckling down to figure out the pros & cons of my options.  So what am I talking about now a man or skin type?  I am already married so I am talking about skin types, darn it!

I am so confused and not to mention when I thought I had it handled the smallest little thing happens and my skin freaks out again. Ahhhhh! So I would like to think I am the average consumer.  I get occasional breakouts, I have slight scarring from previous breakouts, dry patches and an oily t-zone.  But I wish it was that simple.  This post is not even going to mention the sub-catagories. Acne-

DEFINITION – T-zone:  The T-zone of the face consists of the forehead, nose and chin.  It makes the shape of an upper case “T”.  So when someone states “I tend to get oily around my t-zone,” that what they are talking about.

With my issues I assume I am a combination of oily and dry.  But how do I know if I am oily combination OR dry combination?  That is where the confusing part comes in.  Currently it is winter and I am as dry as the desert you see in my pic.  I am currently using Clinique Moisture Surge Intense moisturizer.  That works well, sometimes it works too well that my t-zone turns into an oil slick.  So I only use it on the parts that are very dry. My current conclusions,  for the winter season I am dry to normal.  I will post a products I am using for winter for later.  With the summer season, I am as oily as a French fry. My moisturizing is minimal and I load up on oil blotters.  When summer rolls around I will post again.

The various combinations freak my skin out.  Cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers with that list readers might assume that is the reason my skin is freaking out!  Oh contraire, my “blogreadies” (blog readers who are beauties).  It is so much more.  I assume it’s a combination of products, tools, techniques and sometimes (dare I say) neglect, that my skin freaks out.

  So readers, it doesn’t help because I feel your pain. I hate it when I hear every individual is different, but I would just like to end this post with words of encouragement that it all about you and what you want to put into it.  If you are fine and know your skin, lucky you!  I recommend please share with friends so they can be as lucky as you.  For those who are like me, let me just state that clearly you are not alone,  together we will find the perfect blend and will combat against anything that life throws at our skin.   

If you would like to know your skin type try this quiz that I found helpful on

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