Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ipsy Review and Ipsy Bag for December

Ipsy, have you "blogreadies" (blog readers who are beauties) heard of this?  Ipsy is a beauty product subscription box.  It was founded by Michelle Phan and other YouTube beauty gurus in 2011. 
For 10 dollars a month,  Ipsy will send you 5-6 slightly personalized full to sample sized products from skin care, makeup and tools in the mail.  I signed up in 2011 when the company was still called MyGlam.  I have signed up for a year subscription and currenly going to sign up for the next one. 
I know,  Show me the Products!
Its always going to be a toss up on quality of products.  Through the years I have noticed that ipsy uses brands that can only be found online.  Some have been good.  yet there will be atleast one or two products from well known brands like Urban Decay and NYX.  Ipsy is definitely worth the 10 buck price tag.  You can get a full sized product whose pricetage surpasses the whole bag.

For november I got this cute nail polish ( in my bag and I went onto the website and discovered that same bottle was 13 dollars. yea great deal. I know that there are alot of beauty subscription sites. ( i.e. birchbox, qvc beauty tube),  but they are expensive and usually you won't always get a makeup products. With Ipsy you will get makeup.   If you check it out,  ( you will be advised to take a beauty quiz.  I suggested go all out on your choices.  Why?  You will get more makeup products!  

In August one of the products a member could get was the new deluxe sample of Urban Decay revolution lipstick -  Argh I was so bummed that I didn't get it.  I got a unknown chapstick instead.  So I went online to the site and retook the beauty quiz marked more adventourous makeup choices compared to the natural look.  Also forgot to mention that Ipsy provides descent discount codes for the products they feature in their bag. Honestly i don't like 100% of the products.  I save the unopened products for my friends and give them out as thinking of you gifts or holidays presents.  Yet Ipsy has opened my eyes to online makeup companies that I have continued to order from.

So Ipsy get double sets of thumbs up from me.  I will remain a loyal member and it gives me something to look forward to every month.  Ipsy has become so popular within the year thanks to the YouTube Beauty Gurus featuring the products on their pages.  You will need to sign up for the waitlist now it hopes to get picked up for the next month.  So I wish you luck  "blogreadies" (blog readers who are beauties) and I wouldn't mind trading products with you.


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