Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sephora Merry Crazy Gift Card


Did you get it in the mail yet?  Believe me I am totally going to take advantage of my 20 bucks for Sephora, but I have to think that this is a total scam.  Think about it what does a Beauty VIB really mean?  I am only technically 2 products away from yet again for the second year getting VIB status.  The perks are appalling.  Their reward points program is a joke.  Take a look at this. 
 So I spend 100 dollars at Sephora and as a reward I get this Bobbi Brown lip gloss that only holds at most five applications? WTH?!?  I spent 100 dollars for this sample.  Economists would laugh.  They would say“A sucker born every minute.” Spend wisely everyone!

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